2 Guidelines For Selecting The COVNA Automated Valves

Automated valves are the market trend. At present, many industries have begun to use automatic valves to replace manual valves, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and obtaining more profits.
There are many types of automation valves in COVNA company, in this article, we will introduce you to 2 guidelines to help you choose the right valve and actuator.

1. Automated Actuators

The actuator is the most important device in the automatic valve. Actuators can be divided into electric actuators and pneumatic actuators according to the driving source.

Electric actuators are driven by AC/DC power. It can receive and feedback 4-20mA, 1-5V or 0-10V signals, and can be controlled by Bluetooth or manual override helping you to achieve remote control or local control.

Pneumatic actuators are driven by clean air. At the same time, according to the structure, pneumatic actuators can be divided into double-acting types and single-acting types to meet your different actuation requirements. Compared with electric actuators, pneumatic actuators are low-cost.

However, pneumatic actuators need to use other pneumatic accessories to achieve the effect of remote control, such as positioners, F.R.L, limit switches, reversing solenoid valves, etc.

2. Valve

There are ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, knife gate valves and globe valves for you to choose from.

Ball valve and butterfly valve belong to the quarter-turn valve. They are suitable for transport, cut-off, changing the flow direction of the medium, regulation, confluence and diversion.

Gate valves, knife gate valves and globe valves are linear valves. Gate valves, as well as knife gate valves, are suitable for starting and stopping the flow. The globe valve is suitable for transport, cut-off and regulation of flow.

Therefore, you can choose the valve according to parameters such as usage, size, pressure, temperature, etc.

As an experienced manufacturer providing high-quality automation solutions for up to 2000+ projects, COVNA will assist you in selecting and providing the right solution to help your project run well.

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