2018 Singapore International Water Week

After the Pumps & Valves Asia Expo in Thailand, the COVNA team come to Singapore to take part in the Singapore International Water Week.

The COVNA team has learned from water treatment experts about the future of water technology and has worked with local water treatment experts to explore new opportunities for collaboration.

The COVAN team met a lot of new clients at the fair, and we introduced them product specs of electric actuators & pneumatic actuators, product applications and COVNA magazines. The clients said that COVNA is a cultural company and they look forward to working with us.

After the expo, we went to a Singaporean client’s store to see how he was selling and whether he had product problems, which the COVNA team helped him solve on site.

The COVNA team will continue to go out and learn more about different places, open up new markets and be better.