The 11th COVNA Industrial Salon

On April 27,2018, the 11th COVNA Industrial Salon was held successfully in Guangzhou, China! More than 400 business executives from across the country, as well as Lee, the UK’s business buyer, will be invited to the salon. Thank you all for coming!

As the largest industry salon in the Pearl River Delta, the theme is still “Sharing, Discussion & Future”. More than 400 companies have gathered here to discuss industrial development nationally and globally, and to look for new opportunities.

Since COVNA Salon was first held in 2016, it is the 11th Salon has been held. We take “the unity and the win-win” as the objective, has become the professional NO.1 big exchange meeting.

Now, we go live to the scene:

Here’s how Lee described COVNA Salon from the UK business community. He said: He have been to a lot of salons like this, but COVNA Salon is the most enthusiastic salon he’s ever been to and it was a great experience.

Finally, we hope to have you in our next salon! See you next time!