2018 COVNA Charity Event

November 1, 2018, was the second time the COVNA team had visited Yarong township in Guangxi. The COVNA team came back with the necessities, the sporting goods, the books to the children.

In order to improve educational facilities for poor children in mountainous areas, COVNA group has decided to build a COVNA loving primary school for Yarong township to enable more children to learn and provide a better environment for learning. At the same time, we provide a variety of school supplies, such as projectors, maps, dictionaries, basketball, table tennis, school uniforms, school bags, pens and so on to these children.


Speaking at the donation event, president Mr Hong of the COVNA group said: We hope that our children will do well in school, become useful people, give back to society in the future and lead a better life for the people back home. Looking at the children’s eyes, we believe that they will succeed.

After the donation ceremony, the COVNA team painted and danced with the children, encouraging them to be confident and grow up healthily.


Given the paucity of local teaching resources, the COVNA team decided to give children a special English class that would take them to look around the global culture.

Later, the COVNA team visited a number of needy families and offered them money to help them cope with their current financial difficulties.

There are still a lot of people in the world who need our help. COVNA will continues to give love and to spread positive energy!