2019 Water Philippines Expo

In late March 2019, the COVNA team came to the Philippines to participate in Water Philippines Expo. We spent three days in the Philippines and saw the rapid development of the Philippines and the warmth of the local people.

As soon as COVNA team got off the plane and packed his bags, the COVNA team set off to visit clients. We work with our clients to explore the local market in the Philippines and look for new business opportunities. We are also aware of the strength of the Philippine market.

We also introduce our clients to COVNA magazine and tell them that it contains the best environmental suppliers in China and an analysis of the Chinese market. Clients say COVNA is a deep business. Here, we appreciate for your affirmation!

The two-day visit soon ended, and on the last day we went to the beach and enjoyed a warm romantic sunset.

The Philippines is a good place, we will definitely come again!