COVNA’S New Office

In March 2018, our CEO, Mr. Hong, said he wanted to move to a bigger and nicer office.

In mid-May 2019, I’m proud to say, we have a new office building! A 3-storey office building with our “COVNA” signboard and the building covering more than 1000 square meters!

Next, let us show you around our new office building.

First of all, this is the front desk on the first floor, and you can see this certification wall, ISO, FDA, CE, and so on. Secondly, our CNC machining center is also on the first floor. We currently have 10 CNC machines working 12 hours a day to ensure our monthly capacity.

Then we arrive at the second floor where the sales team worked and where we received our clients in the sample room, where they could get a good feel for the atmosphere of COVNA and get enough product information, also could check the quality of electric actuators & pneumatic actuators here.

Finally, we reached the third floor, where we assembled, inspected, and stocked. All of our products are collected here from the warehouse according to the customer’s needs, then assembled by experienced engineers, and tested, including voltage test, waterproof test, Torque test and so on, and finally packed and shipped.

We hope to meet you in COVNA one day, and we’ll give you a grand tour of COVNA!