COVNA’s Japan Trip

As we all know, in the world, the life span of more than 200 years of enterprises, Japan has 3,146, the world’s largest. To find out, a business mission from COVNA came to Japan in late 2019 to study.

First Stop: TOYOTA

TOYOTA is one of the world’s top ten automotive industry companies, Japan’s largest auto company, founded in 1933. TOYOTA overtook General Motors in 2008 to become the world’s number one automaker, the world’s most profitable and fastest producing car company, it is said that it takes only 85 seconds to assemble a car.

Here, let us feel the world-class enterprises for the production and management of the meticulous and humane. TOYOTA’s success today is mainly due to its unique lean manufacturing model and well-established auto parts supply chain, to make TOYOTA the most cost-effective and efficient mode of production in the undefeated.

Second Stop : Asahi Beer

Founded in 1889 in Nagoya, Japan, Asahi has a 40% share of the Japanese beer market and is one of the world’s most famous brewers with production bases around the world.

In order to deal with the changing business environment, Asahi Beer Group has strengthened its management, strengthened its relations with various interests and improved its sociality. Operating transparency and strengthening company management.

Third Stop: Omron

Omron group has been a well-known automation and electronic equipment manufacturer in the world since May 10,1933, by constantly creating new social demands, the world’s leading sensor and control core technology.

BASIC IDEA: The Enterprise is to make a contribution to society. The idea is to show what Omron is all about. The so-called “enterprise is to contribute to society”, refers to “only contribute to society in order to have the value of existence, to enhance profits, to continue. ” This is the founder’s belief, it’s also the way Omron has thought for generations. At present Omron Company accepted a lot of disabled people, they work in Omron like normal people, fully reflects the social value of the enterprise.

This trip to Japan, not only let us see the Japanese careful, perseverance, innovation but also let us see their various ideas, are very worth our learning. An enterprise, not only is the production of products so simple, more is to spread the idea of the enterprise through the product, reflect the enterprise social value. COVNA has learned a great deal from this trip, and I believe we are going to get stronger!

2019 COVNA Charity Event

November 28, 2019 was Thanksgiving Day and the third trip by the COVNA team to the mountainous region of Guangxi.

There are currently 86 students in Yalong Township, Dahua County, Guangxi Province, and they are all living in a relatively backward environment of transportation and economy, all kinds of resources are insufficient to receive a good education. So the COVNA team did their best to provide them with the resources to learn and live happily!

As a caring and responsible international brand, COVNA is giving back to the community as it develops its business. COVNA set up a caring primary school to provide a good learning environment for students and teachers, and hopes to help local students get a good education.

COVNA is not the only one in action this time, there are other enterprises involved in the donation activities, as the saying goes, “more people are more powerful, ” we several enterprises together to carry out stronger donation activities. Together, we bought televisions, uniforms, backpacks, stationery and other items for local schools. The principal, teachers and students expressed their heartfelt thanks and presented us with a plaque.


Then, the COVNA team on behalf of all caring businesses, distributed stationery, uniforms and other materials to each student, along with other teaching materials.

After the donation ceremony, the COVNA team played games with the kids, and the kids painted their dreams on the canvas. We sang and danced and had a great time.

In the afternoon, we went to visit the local poor families, to learn about their family situation, economic conditions are difficult, we gave condolences, and give them sympathy money.

This is the third time COVNA team has been in Guangxi since 2016, and every time we have seen their environment changing and getting better, we wish them the best.

We hope that in the future we can have you to participate in our charity activities, together for more children, families of hope, but also bless these children can be more self-confident, continuous progress, become useful people!