COVNA 2020 Annual Planning Meeting

On 12 January 2020, COVNA Annual Conference was held. Let’s review the grand occasion of the annual meeting!

The 5 partners of COVNA came on stage to report on their work and set out the team’s goals and commitments for 2020. We believe that we will grow even faster under the leadership of 5 excellent partners. Subsequently, all COVNA staff on the 2019 summary of the work and the 2020 work goals, work planning and commitment to action, efforts to achieve the goals.

At the meeting, the general manager of COVNA group Mr. Bond summarized the experience of COVNA in 2019, analyzed the current domestic and foreign trade factors, and proposed “Do not forget the original intention, Reflect the value” business vision.
Subsequently, Mr. Bond award prizes and bonuses to employees and teams, in order to express appreciation for their efforts over the year.

After the revival meeting, we started our 2020 dinning party. There were beautiful classical dance performances, as well as touching stage plays, modern dance performances…

In addition to the show, COVNA has prepared a series of interactive games, a raffle and a birthday celebration. All through the party, we were laughing out loud.

That was the COVNA group’s annual gala dinner. In 2020, let us work together to create a better future!

Selection Of Pneumatic Actuator

Selection Of Double Acting Actuator:

The suggested safety factor for double acting actuators under normal working conditions is 20%~30%.


  • The torque needed by valve=100Nm.
  • The torque considered safety factor (1+30%)=130Nm
  • Air Supply=5bar
  • According the below table, we can choose the minimum model is AT160DA.
  • Output Torque Of Double Acting Actuators:

Selection Of Single Acting Actuator:

The suggested safety factor for spring return actuator under normal working conditions is 30%~50%.


  • The torque needed by valve=80Nm
  • The torque consider safety factor=80(1+30%)=104Nm
  • Air Supply=5bar
  • According to the below table, we find output torque of AT140SR K7 is:
  • Air stroke 0°=308Nm
  • Air stroke 90°=247Nm
  • Spring stroke 0°=120Nm
  • Spring stroke 90°=181Nm
  • All the output torque is large than we needed.
  • Output Torque Of Spring Return Actuators:


If you have any doubts about the selection of pneumatic actuator, please do not hesitate to ask for help from us!