9 Advantages Of Pneumatic Actuator Valve

In this article, we will share with you 9 advantages of pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic butterfly valve.

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Working Principle And Application Of Pneumatic Ball Valve

Pneumatic ball valve is evolved from the plug valve, with the same rotation of 90 degrees as the plug valve is different from the plug body is a ball, there is around through hole or flow channel through its axis. It works by turning the Spool to open or close the valve.

Pneumatic ball valve switch lightweight, small size, can be made of large diameter, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance. Sealing surface and spherical surface often in a closed state, not easy to be medium corrosion, has been widely used in a number of industries.

Pneumatic ball valve is mainly used for pipelines, cutting speed, distribution and change the flow direction of media.

Advantages Of Pneumatic Ball Valve

1. The fluid resistance is small, the resistance coefficient is equal to the length of the same pipe section.

2. Simple structure, small size, lightweight.

3. Ball valve sealing surface material is widely used in plastic products, with good sealing performance, widely used in vacuum system.

4. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, fast opening and closing speed, and only 90 degrees rotation from full opening to full closing, which is convenient for remote control.

5. Easy maintenance, pneumatic ball valve structure is simple, sealing ring can be moved, easy to remove and replace.

6. When the ball and seat are fully open or closed, the sealing surface of the ball and seat is isolated from the media. Medium through, the valve sealing surface will not wear.

7. Applications range from a few millimeters in diameter to a few meters in size, from high vacuum to high pressure.

8. Pneumatic ball valve power source for gas, generally 0.2 ~ 0.8 MPA pressure, relatively safe. If the pneumatic ball valve leakage, compared with hydraulic, electric, gas can be directly discharged, no pollution to the environment, high safety.

9. Pneumatic ball valves are available in larger sizes than manual and turbo ball valves (manual and turbo ball valves are generally smaller than DN300 and currently pneumatic ball valves can reach DN1200) .

Pneumatic butterfly valve in our life has an important role, is the use of the valve stem rotation with the circular disc to do the opening and closing, in order to achieve the opening action of the main pneumatic valve to do the use of cut-off valve, can also be designed with regulation or section valve and regulation of the function, at present, the use of low-pressure large and medium-sized Pipe Butterfly Valve more and more.

Main Advantages Of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve:

1. Small and lightweight, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed in any location.

2. The structure is simple, compact, operation Torque is small, 90 degrees turn on quickly.

3. Flow characteristics to a straight line, good regulation performance.

4. The connection of the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts the pin-free structure, which overcomes the possible internal leakage point.

5. The outer circle of the butterfly plate adopts spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance and prolongs the service life of the valve, and keeps zero leakage even more than 50,000 times of opening and closing with pressure.

6. Seals can be replaced, and reliable sealing to two-way seal.

7. Butterfly Plate can be based on user requirements spray coating, such as nylon or PTFE class.

8. Pneumatic butterfly valve can be designed as flange connection and clamp connection.

9. The drive mode can be manual, electric or pneumatic.


Advantages Of Electric Actuator

The electric actuator is a valve that is opened and closed by electric power and signal source. It can be controlled remotely or manually. Quarter turn electric actuator, multi-turn electric actuator and linear electric actuator are available.
Widely used in wastewater treatment plants, power plants, HVAC, food plants and various types of systems and pipelines. Electric actuators play an important role in process control automation.

covna electric automatic actuators

covna electric automatic actuators

Advantages Of Electric Actuators:

1. Motor Provides High Torque
Electric actuators use single-phase current or three-phase current motors as the main driving force. The torque provided by the motor is large, which can open large-sized valves, and the power consumption is close to 0, which is more suitable for the automation industry. But the motor is easy to accumulate heat and cause downtime. So the overload protection device is very important.

2. Easy To Integrate
Electric actuators provide more and simpler automation solutions than pneumatic actuators. Built-in microprocessor and controller, programmable, can receive signals, can be connected to system control

3. Higher Safety Performance
Optional weatherproof and explosion-proof grades are available. It can provide you with more suitable actuators according to different industries. It can be well applied in harsh environments and reduce the probability of casualties.

4. Lower Cost Of Use
Although the cost of electric actuators alone is higher than pneumatic actuators. However, the electric actuator requires less maintenance, is durable, easy to operate, and has a longer service life. It can be used without any other accessories.

5. Higher Control Accuracy
Due to the large torque provided by the motor, the electric actuator has higher accuracy in controlling motion, and there will be no angular deviation, which makes the media control more precise.


Advantages Of Electric Ball Valve

In terms of operating efficiency and saving energy consumption, the use of automatic shut-off valves is an indispensable part. The manual valves and pneumatic actuator valves commonly used in the traditional industry are inferior to electric actuator ball valves in installation cost and efficiency.

The electric ball valve is driven by the AC or DC power supply and it could receive and feedback the signal to help to regulate the switch angle of valve. It can be controlled locally or remotely. It is compatible with all kinds of control systems through signal control, Bluetooth control, bus control, etc. to meet your remote control purpose.

Features Of Electric Ball Valves

The electric actuator ball valve has the advantages of :

● Easy assembly

● Low failure rate

● Remote control

● Slow action to avoid system shutdown caused by water hammer effect

Meeting the industry’s automation needs, it is a more cost-effective choice for the industry.

As the use of general traditional pneumatic actuator valves, they need to be equipped with air pipes, solenoid valves and compressors to achieve control automation. The electric actuator valve is driven by a motor, which is simple and easy to install, and the electric actuator valve can be installed in conjunction with the original automatic control circuit of the factory, which can save other costs. In addition, the motor-driven opening and closing is smooth, without the shortcomings of excessive momentary impulse, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced.

In industrial processes, valves are mostly used to control the travel and flow of various fluids, such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc., based on parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow. There are several types of control valves commonly used in factories, such as pressure reducing valves, pneumatic thermostats, solenoid valve thermostat systems, proportional control valve thermostat systems, and temperature control valves. When selecting various types of automatic valves, factors such as the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, the quality of the control valve, the pressure drop, the flow rate and its structure, the failure rate, the manufacturer’s credit and after-sales service and other factors should be considered to achieve economic and practical purposes.

Some clients think that the electric actuator valve is expensive and the cost of use is high. In fact, if it is calculated as a whole set, the traditional valve needs to be installed with many accessories to use. The price is not dominant, but it has to bear more maintenance costs. Electric actuator valves can help your projects to be automated faster, thereby reducing costs and improving work efficiency.

Applications Of Electric Ball Valve

● Wastewater treatment, seawater treatment, surface water treatment, water supply

● Industrial washing machines, steam pipeline

● Food and beverage

● Oil supply

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