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Top 5 Pneumatic Automated Actuator Manufacturers

Here we will list top 5 pneumatic automated actuator manufacturers for your reference. Hope it could help you search for a new supplier and buy a good valve.

Festo was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Germany. At present, it has 61 offices and 250 families around the world, and 20,00 employees process. Research to improve customer productivity and talents in industry and automation.
Festo provides linear actuators and quarter-turn actuators to meet your different drive needs.

NORGREN was established in 1925 as a brand of IMI plc. NORGREN research provides customers with innovative fluid solutions.
NORGREN provides a comprehensive range of products for industrial automation applications, including circulation, power actuators and so on. If you have any needs about power drive, please consult them

NORBRO is a sub-brand of Flowserve, providing customers with automated mechanical rotation. NORBRO produces gear rack drive angular stroke oil, or executes m 6818N, which is used to control ball valve butterfly valves. The products serve chemical, water treatment, natural gas, energy and other industries.

CAMOZZI  was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Italy. Camozzi Automation is a comprehensive and food solution for the automation industry. Products include loops, solenoid valves, and pneumatic actuators. Serving the packaging, food and beverage, textile, printing and other industries.

Numatics is a sub-brand of Emerson, providing comprehensive drive solutions. Products include power, actuators, etc.
Emerson was founded in 1890 and is currently a global manufacturer of industrial automation products.

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Top Electric Rotary Actuator Manufacturers

Here we will share 5 electric rotary actuator manufacturers for your reference. Hope it could help you search for a new actuator supplier and suitable valve for your project.

Founded in 1957, Rotork is committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions for water treatment, chemical, oil and gas, food processing and other industries.
Rotork is currently a leader in actuator manufacturers, and its products include multi-turn electric actuators, part-turn actuators, etc. A variety of actuators meet your driving needs.
There are also many brands under Rotork, providing you with a variety of valve and actuator solutions.

AUMA has been engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years, providing high-quality solutions for the electric power, water conservancy, petroleum and petrochemical industries and other industries.
AUMA has 2,600 employees worldwide and more than 30 factories, providing fast and convenient services to customers around the world.
Products include multi-turn actuators, sector-turn actuators, linear actuators, etc.

Limitorque is a sub-brand of Flowserve and has a history of more than 85 years. Limitorque has been providing easier flow control for applications in various industries around the world.
Products include electric actuators, fluid power actuators, gearboxes and so on.
More importantly, there are many brands under Flowserve, which can provide you with comprehensive process control solutions.

Through more than 30 years of development, Bray has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flow control and automation products and accessories. And it has carried out business in more than 40 countries/regions. It is a fast-growing company.
Products include electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and various valves. Bray is a manufacturer that can provide you with one-stop procurement solutions.

Biffi has more than 60 years of experience in the automation actuator industry and is one of the world’s leading valve actuator manufacturers. Biffi provides automation solutions for many countries/regions around the world, including Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the United States, etc. High-quality products provide stable process control solutions for shipbuilding industry, sewage treatment industry, oil and gas, paper industry, food processing industry, etc.


Top 5 Automated Rotary Actuator Manufacturers

Here we will share top 5 automated rotary actuator manufacturers for your reference. Hope it could help you select the right actuator supplier and suitable automated actuator for your project.

In case you are looking for an actuator supplier in China, COVNA valve will be recommended to you. 20+ years of experience in the valve industry, and we know the market and needs. We will offer a turnkey valve solution according to your needs.

We are a specialist of electric rotary actuators and pneumatic rotary actuators. Welcome any inquiries from you!

Rotork was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is a manufacturer of industrial flow control equipment. Rotork is the global leader in mechanical actuators, and it is also the object of COVNA learning. We hope to be able to develop better by learning from the predecessors of the industry.
Rotork’s products include electric actuators, fluid power actuators, process control actuators, gearboxes, etc., and are committed to providing automation solutions for oil and gas, water power, chemical industries and other industries.
At present, Rotork has many sub-brands, providing diversified solutions for global customers.

AUMA was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Germany. AUMA is a specialist of actuator, gearbox, and other mechanical equipment. At present, AUMA has more than 30 offices and 2,600 employees around the world, serving global industrial customers and providing solutions with excellent value for money.

Air Torque was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Italy. Air Torque is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rack and pinion actuators. Air Torque is committed to providing customers with cost-effective turn-key valve solutions.
Over 20 years of development, Air Torque has become synonymous with quality, design and reliability.
Air Torque products serve the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp, water treatment and other industries.

Bettis is a brand of Emerson, founded in 1929, and is a leading manufacturer of electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and hydraulic actuators. Committed to providing industrial customers and commercial customers with unparalleled Integrated Turnkey Valve Automation Package.
At the same time, Emerson has many sub-brands that can provide you with comprehensive industrial automation solutions.

AT Control was established in 1994, and its headquarters and factory are located in the United States. AT Control has multiple distributors around the world and can provide you with fast delivery services.
AT Control’s products include rack and pinion pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, heavy duty actuators and so on. It serves the water treatment industry, oil and gas, paper industry, food processing industry, and so on.

Top 4 Industrial Valve Manufacturers In UK

Here we will share 4 industrial valve manufacturers in UK for your reference. And hope this article could help you find a suitable valve supplier.

Founded in 1977, Alco Valves is committed to providing high-quality valves for the oil and gas industry. Alco is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in 7 regions around the world, providing fast and convenient valve solutions to customers around the world.
Alco Valves focuses on designing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality valves. Products include ball valves, sampling valves, injection valves, instruments, etc.

Hydravalve is a subsidiary of Fluidpower Group UK LTD and has more than 100 years of experience in the valve industry, providing unparalleled services and high-quality products for major applications. Hydravalve is a partner in many industries, including equipment manufacturers, paint manufacturers, food and beverages, washing plants and more.
Products include manual valves, actuation methods, steam valves, control valves and other auxiliary equipment. Provide you with one-stop procurement services.

Johnson Valves has a history of more than 60 years. Focus on providing industrial products in the industry, shipbuilding and boiler industries. Provide various types of valves, pipes, metering systems and related products for contractors, utilities and end-users in the UK and around the world.
Johnson Valves offers a variety of products, including actuated valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and so on.

ValvesOnline opened in 2003 and launched the first valve e-commerce store to facilitate all kinds of customers to purchase valves from the Internet and to solve customer needs for process control solutions. ValvesOnline products have ISO9001:2015 certification. Products include ball valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, etc.
Committed to supplying industrial products for steam equipment, hospitals, food and beverage manufacturers, laundries, power stations and other industries around the world.


TOP 5 Actuated Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturers In Canada

Here we will list 5 stainless steel ball valve manufacturers in Canada for your reference. Hope it could help you find a ball valve supplier easier.

Founded in 1987, PinAcle is currently Canada’s largest stock distributor of stainless steel industrial plumbing supplies and fluid handling products. Committed to providing high-quality stainless steel products and alloy steel pipe products for all industries and markets. They are registered ISO 9001:2015, CSA N285.0 (Nuclear) NSF 61 (Drinking Water).

PinAcle has factories in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Ontario, Mississauga, Quebec, Saint Laurent, Moncton, New Brunswick, and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Respond quickly to your needs.

Elite Valve is committed to becoming a global leader in valve technology and is an ISO9001 registered company. Committed to providing high-quality products for many applications such as commercial, industrial and municipal. Products include valves, filters, actuators, accessories, etc., to provide you with one-stop valve solutions.
There are distributors in the United States and Canada, which can respond to your valve needs quickly and conveniently.

Tri-Canada was founded in 1962, initially as a distributor of Tri-Clover. In 1988, Tri-Canada Industrial Ltd was formally established.
Products include sanitary fittings, sanitary pipes, sanitary pumps, sanitary valves and other sanitary products, providing customers with sanitary valve solutions.

DK-Lok Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor of DK-Lok products in order to better serve the Canadian market. DK-Lok has more than 100 years of knowledge of instruments, valves and pipe joints, able to penetrate the needs of each industry and provide high-quality process control solutions.

Founded in 1950, Velan has 1,600 employees, 12 production bases, and hundreds of distributors around the world, providing convenient and fast valve solutions worldwide.

Products include gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, triple eccentric butterfly valves, etc., which can be used in the fossil industry, nuclear energy industry, oil and gas, oil refining, marine industry, mining, etc.

COVNA Valves For Oil And Gas

In this article, we will have a brief introduction about how to select the valve for oil and gas industry. Hope this could help you to understand and choose the right valve for your project.
As a rotary actuator and industrial valve manufacturer, COVNA will deeply source your industry needs and help to solve the valve solution.
Any valve demand, welcome inquiries for you! Contact us at

1. Valves For On-Off Medium

A lot of valves have functions of transport and shut-off. Generally, ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and plug valves are commonly used. It is recommended to select suitable on-off valves according to the requirements of the project.

2. Valves For Flow Control

The globe valve and the control valve are very suitable for controlling the flow rate, and the regulating precision is high. The control valve could receive and feedback the control signal through the positioner to achieve control remotely.

3. Valves For Diverting, Mixing And Change The Direction

The 3-way ball valve has two structures, T-type and L-type, which can achieve the functions of diverting, mixing and changing the direction of medium flow. In special circumstances, the correct connection of two or more 2-way valves could also help to reverse, diverge or confluence.

Offering electric 3-way ball valve and pneumatic 3-way ball valve for your selection.

4. Valves For Suspended Particulate Media

The medium containing suspended particles is easy to block the valve, so it is recommended to use gate valve, knife gate valve or butterfly valve. They have a wiping effect on the sealing surface during the opening and closing process, so they are not easy to be blocked and are suitable for media with suspended particles.

5. Valves For Dangerous Working Conditions

We would recommend explosion-proof electric actuated valves for the application which is dangerous.
The explosion-proof electric actuator valve could control remotely, therefore reduce the labor cost and keep the person safe.

Each valve has its own special function, so it is very important to choose the right valve according to the requirements.

3 way ball valves

What Is 3-Way Ball Valve?

The ball valve belongs to the quarter turn valve series. Ball valves have a variety of designs and can be widely used in different industries. Among them, the three-way ball valve and the four-way ball valve are multi-port ball valves. The three-way ball valve has 3 port, providing solutions for confluence, diversion and changing the direction of medium flow.

Advantages Of Three-Way Ball Valve

1. It can completely close the valve, thereby cutting off the flow of the medium
2. It can change the flow direction of the medium by opening or closing the valve
3. It can also divide the medium into two independent directions by opening or closing

Types Of Three-Way Ball Valves

According to the flow direction, the three-way ball valve can be divided into T port and L port

T port: T port three-way ball valve is mainly used to converge, split and change the direction of medium flow. Therefore, the T port ball valve is also called a mixing valve or a diverter valve.

It allows the medium to flow in from one inlet and then flow out from the other two outlets, playing a role of diversion. At the same time, it also allows the medium to flow in from two inlets, and then flow out from the other outlet, acting as a confluence.

L port: L port ball valve can only be used to change the flow direction of the medium.

3 way ball valve flow direction diagram-1

The Difference Between 3-Way Ball Valve And Two-Way Ball Valve

The three-way ball valve has three ports, which can achieve 5 functions of circulation, cut-off, confluence, diversion and changing the direction of medium flow through different flow directions. Provides a variety of solutions for the fluid control process.
The two-way ball valve has only two ports, which can only achieve the two functions of flow and cut-off.


Manually type. We could control it by handle or worm gear.
Electrically type. Driven by electric actuator to help us control it remotely.
Pneumatically type. Offering the cost-effective automatic solution


Ball valves are currently one of the most widely used valves, and different designs can be used in different working conditions.
We are welcome any inquiries from you and so glad to help to solve the valve solution! Contact us at


What Is Fail Open Valve And Fail Close Valve?

In any fluid control process, the valve is an indispensable part. In this article, we will introduce to you what is fail open and fail close. Choose the right type to ensure the normal operation of the project in emergencies.

What Is Fail Close?

Fail close means the valve will auto close once the power source or signal is interrupted. This type of valve needs to supply a power source continuously.

If you want the valve will be auto close to protect your project when the power is off, the fail-close valve will be your best choice.

Such as spring return pneumatic actuated valves and fail-safe normally closed motorized valves.

  • For spring return pneumatic actuator valves, there are a number of springs in the spring return pneumatic actuator valves. Supply air to open, once the air is interrupted then the valve will be closed.
  • For fail-safe normally closed motorized valves, there has a capacitance in the normally closed motorized valves. Once the power off, the capacitance will be a power source and it will drive the valve to close.

What Is Fail Open?

Fail open means the valve will auto-open when the power is off. The valve will be closed when power is on, and the valve will be open when power is off.

This type of valve is suitable for fire extinguishing systems. Once the power is interrupted by the fire, then the valve will auto open and allow the water to transport, thereby the fire extinguishing system could run normally.

We could help to customise each valve to fail open to meet your valve needs. Such as normally open single-acting pneumatic actuator valves and fail-open motorized valves.

In terms of fluid control, valves play an important role. Choose the right valve and let our project run normally.

We welcome any inquiries from you and hope our experience could help you to solve the valve needs.