2023 Trends Of Electric Actuator Valves

Electric actuator valves are increasingly being used in various industries due to their ability to provide precise control, improved efficiency, and remote control capability. In 2023, some of the trends in electric actuator valves are likely to include below 4 points.

Increased Demand In Smart And Connected Systems

According to IoT Analytics projected development of 4G/5G networks technology makes 2023 will see a growth of IoT devices by 18% to 14.4 billion, and by 2025, this could increase to 27 billion connected IoT devices.

With the development of the Internet of Things, human beings will rely more and more on technology and intelligence. Smart valves will gradually replace manually driven valves. The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology with electric actuator valves is expected to continue to grow, resulting in increased demand for smart, connected actuators.

Focus On Energy Efficiency And Environmental Protect

Today, global companies are actively responding to carbon neutral policies and looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable production solutions. At the same time, as the population increases and social demands increase, enterprises have to increase production efficiency. Therefore, an intelligent production process is a must. In order to reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency. As a member of the solution, the demand for electric actuator valves will inevitably increase.

Adoption Of Non-Intrusive Monitoring And Control Systems

In the past, traditional industries used manual valves, and engineers were required to adjust the valve on-site according to production conditions. With living demands as well as industrial demands increasing across the globe, businesses need to look for ways to minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency. The wireless and non-intrusive monitoring system of electric actuator valves allows engineers to directly watch and check the operation of the project through control equipment or portable equipment, without the need for engineers to arrive at the site. It can improve the production effect and reduce the labor cost.

Increased Use In Harsh Environments

The industry is diverse, and there will be high-temperature, explosive, and corrosive production environments. During the process of the project, how to ensure the safety of employees is also a point that business owners need to consider.
The ability of electric actuator valves to withstand harsh environments such as high temperature, corrosive chemicals, and high pressure is expected to drive their application in industries such as chemical, oil and gas, and power generation, and we believe that electric actuator valves will use more frequently.

Overall, the trend in 2023 is towards greater adoption and integration of electric actuator valves in various industries, driven by the need for precise control, efficiency, and remote monitoring and control capabilities.

As a business owner, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, we can choose electric actuator valves.

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