3 Advantages of Electric Actuator Valve

With the increasing demand for automation, the demand for electric actuator valves(electric ball valve and electric butterfly valve) has gradually increased, and gradually replaced the manual valve. Although the cost of electric actuator valve is several times of manual valve, even dozens of times, but because of the unique advantages of electric actuator valve, is still loved by various industries. Next, we will briefly understand the 3 advantages of electric actuator valve.

  1. Industrial Automation

By programming and adjusting the signal, the valve can be started or closed remotely by the system. Engineers do not need to be present to open the valve, reducing labor costs. When the engineering environment is worse, the engineer does not have to open the valve on the spot, and the safety of the engineer can be guaranteed.

At the same time, electric valve can work for a long time up to 99 hours to achieve engineering automation, improve production efficiency, speed up the construction of the project.

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2. Low Failure Rate

Electric actuator valve with load protection device. When the voltage is too high, or the working time is too long to cause the motor to overheat, the load protection will be turned on. But the motor temperature cooling, then only need to re-turn on the power supply, can be opened again. And because the motor drive mode open and close more smoothly, without the disadvantage of too much instantaneous impulse, the failure rate can be greatly reduced.

3. Safe And Easy Installation

Electric actuator valve to motor-driven, easy to install, only with the factory’s original automatic control line can save installation costs.

Although the cost of electric actuator valve is higher than the cost of manual valve, the benefits of electric actuator valve is several times of manual valve.

If you have any intention to replace the manual valve with electric actuator valve, or are interested in electric actuator valve, please contact us! We are happy to provide you with professional automation solution!