3 Guides Help You To Know The Knife Gate Valves

With the development of technology, more and more styles of valves are being developed and used in industrial control applications. Valves are used to control flow, control pressure, save energy and increase productivity and are an integral part of the industrial automation pipeline.
One particular type of valve is the knife gate valve. It is mainly used to control the flow of media with high viscosity, solid particles or cellulose and to cut off and intercept the media.

Advantages Of Knife Gate Valves

● Good Shut-Off Capacity

The knife gate valve is designed with a special structure, the valve plate is like a knife, it can cut the high viscosity or particle media well, so that the normal flow of media and production process can be operated.

● Simple Structure And Easy Operation

Knife gate valves have a simple structure and can therefore withstand a small range of pressures and are generally recommended for low pressure pipelines. Due to its simple structure, it is also easy to operate, as the valve can be opened or closed by simply turning the turbine.

● High Applicability

Knife gate valves can be used in all types of media and industries, such as cement, sewage, minerals, feed, etc.

Actuation Options Of Knife Gate Valve

Manual Actuation

By turning the turbine, the valve plate is driven in an upward or downward motion to open or close the valve. Low cost and easy to handle.

● Electric Actuation

The valve is opened or closed by an electric actuator after being energised. This saves labour costs and increases productivity.

● Pneumatic Actuation

By using gas to drive the actuator open or closed, the knife gate valve is opened or closed. Non-polluting, explosion-proof, reduces emissions and pollution in industrial processes, enabling sustainable development and environmentally friendly production.

Applications Of Knife Gate Valve

● Paper And Pulp Industry

The paper industry will have media such as wood pulp and waste pulp. If a ball valve or butterfly valve is used it will cause the valve to clog, so using a knife gate valve will be more appropriate.

● Sewage Industry

The sewage industry will contain a large amount of sludge and corrosive media. Knife gate valves are available in stainless steel or duplex steel, which have good corrosion resistance and are therefore suitable for use in the sewage industry.

● Food And Beverage Industry

Food and beverage processes can produce substances containing particles or high viscosity. Knife gate valves are perfect for cutting off and intercepting flow without clogging, ensuring that the project is processed properly.

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