3 Tips For Selecting COVNA Automated Actuators

The automation actuator is a device that facilitates the realization of industrial automation. Automatic actuators and valves are used together in various working conditions to realize remote control and achieve the purpose of flow regulation.

As an experienced actuator manufacturer, COVNA offers a variety of actuators for you to choose from. In this article, we will briefly introduce how to choose an actuator for your reference. Hope that helps you pick the right actuator.

  1. Power Source

According to the power source, actuators can be divided into electric actuators and pneumatic actuators.

● The electric actuator can be driven on and off by DC12V, DC24V, AC24V, AC110V, AC220V, AC380V and other special power sources.

● The pneumatic actuator uses clean air as the power source to drive the opening and closing. At the same time, pneumatic actuators can be divided into spring return type and double-acting types. Single-acting pneumatic actuators are air to open, when air is interrupted the actuator will close. Double-acting pneumatic actuators are air to open and air to close.

  1. Rotation Range

According to rotation range, the actuator can be divided into quarter-turn 90 degrees type and multi-turn 360 degrees type.

● 90 degrees type actuator suitable for the ball valve and butterfly valve.

● 360 degrees type actuator suitable for the gate valve and globe valve. It is also suitable for the ball valve and butterfly valve which need a higher torque to open or close.


  1. Function

Electric actuators have a variety of styles for you to choose from.

● ON/OFF type electric actuator is for opening and closing 90 degrees. Signal control is not accepted.

● Modulating type electric actuator and intelligent type electric actuator is the same function. Both for regulating the open/close angle within 0 to 90 degrees by signal. But intelligent type actuator has an LCD display screen which could help you control and check locally and remotely easier.

● Explosion-proof type actuator, underwater type actuator and auto-return type actuator are available for special applications.

However, a pneumatic actuator is simple. Normally, a pneumatic actuator is just for open/close fully. If you want it to be modulating type or control remotely, we need other accessories to assist. Such as positioner, limit switch, F.R.L and directional control valve.

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