5 Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

Here we will list 5 actuated butterfly valve manufacturers for your reference. Hope it could help you select and buy a good valve from a good actuated valve supplier. Any demand for valve, please feel free to contact us at sales@covnaactuator.com

Victaulic produces many types of butterfly valves, such as rubber-lined butterfly valves, stainless steel butterfly valves, carbon steel butterfly valves, etc., to meet the needs of contractors, distributors and engineers in various industries for butterfly valves.

Victaulic is headquartered in the United States and is a leading manufacturer of plumbing products. Over the years, Victaulic has been committed to research, development and manufacturing of products to ensure that products can provide people with safe, reliable and funny solutions.

Butterfly valves produced by Alfalaval are used to control the opening and closing of fluids, and are suitable for agricultural processing, beverage processing, food processing and other industries. Alfalaval’s products are currently sold in more than 100 countries/regions around the world and provide after-sales service. Provide convenient and fast services to contractors and engineers around the world.

Founded in 1881, GEA is currently one of the world’s leading suppliers in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. GEA uses the most advanced and modern technology to provide sanitary and safe solutions for special industries and help the industry improve production efficiency.

GEA focuses on the production of sanitary valves and meets international sanitary requirements.

Headquartered in Hagen, Germany, EBRO ARMATUREN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves and actuators. Currently EBRO ARMATUREN has offices in 28 countries/regions around the world, with 1,000 employees, and provides matching products and solutions to customers around the world.

InterApp was established in 1969 as a distributor of valves and accessories. Through years of development, it has become an internationally renowned brand and provides professional products and solutions for European customers and even global customers.

InterApp produces many types of butterfly valves, such as cryogenic butterfly valves, anti-corrosion butterfly valves, etc. They can be used in the refrigeration industry, shipbuilding industry, industrial incinerators and so on.