5 Electric Ball Valve Manufacturers In USA

Here we will introduce 5 electric ball valve manufacturers in USA for your reference. Hope it could help you find a good valve manufacturer and select a suitable valve for your project.

Apollo is a subsidiary of Aalberts Group. Aalberts focuses on providing integrated piping systems and various industrial products for industry, commerce, and household use. Apollo focuses on providing customers with valves and actuators required for integrated pipelines. Provide you with a one-stop industrial fluid automation solution.


DuraValve is a high-quality supplier of stainless steel valves, brass valves, and automation actuators. DuraValve has an experienced technical team who will use their excellent valve experience to provide you with excellent technical support and excellent customer service. Products include electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valves and other automated valves.


SVF Flow Controls was founded in 1988 and is committed to providing customers with flow control solutions. Serving the chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage industries. SVF relies on its understanding of the market and excellent technology to stand out among many valve brands.


Bonomi Group has more than 100 years of experience in the valve and fluid control industry. Although Bonomi’s production base is only in Italy, there are commercial branches in North America and other European countries to quickly respond to your valve needs. At the same time, Bonomi has many sub-brands, and each sub-brand has special products to meet your different needs.


Modern Fluid Power was established in 1970. With excellent valve manufacturing experience, industry experience and sales experience, Modern Fluid Power has become the preferred valve supplier of customers. The scale of business has also expanded to all over the United States. Modern Fluid Power can provide various brands of electric actuators to meet your different drive requirements.


COVNA was established in 2000. Extensive experience in valve technology, industry and global trade. A wide range of automatic valve to meet your valve needs including electric automatic ball valves, pneumatic automatic ball valve and so on. Welcome any inquiries from you!