5 Types Of COVNA Industrial Valves

In this article, we will introduce the 5 types of industrial valves for your reference. And hope this article could help you to know and select the right valve for your project.

Ball Valve

The ball valve is one of the quarter-turn valves, which can be opened or closed only by turning 90 degrees rotations. It is mainly used for start, shut-off and regulate the flow rate of fluid.

Features Of Ball Valves
Easy to operate and easy to repair
A variety of designs, applied in different industries
A variety of materials can meet your media requirements

Disadvantages Of Ball Valve
The size range is small, and the large-size ball valve is costly

Ball valves are suitable for smaller pipes. Mainly used for low pressure applications, if you need to use in high temperature or high pressure industries, you may need to customize the ball valve for your applications

Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve is the same as the ball valve, it only needs to turn a quarter turn to open or close. When the valve is opened, the disc and the medium remain parallel. When the valve is closed, the disc and the medium remain vertical.

Features Of Butterfly Valves
Compact design, saving installation space
Easy to install
Large size range for various pipeline

Disadvantage Of Butterfly Valves
Not suitable for high pressure applications unless use the hard seat butterfly valve, but its cost is higher

Butterfly valves are very suitable for large-size pipelines, such as wastewater treatment, power plants, etc.

Check Valve

Check valve is a valve that can be opened and closed by relying on internal pressure. It is mainly used to prevent backflow and protect project safety.

Features Of Check Valves
Simple design and easy to operated
Multiple materials to meet your requirements of mediums
Disadvantage Of Check Valves
Not suitable for start, shut-off or regulating.

Gate Valves

The gate valve is mainly used to circulate and cut off the medium. Since it can only be fully open and fully closed, the flow cannot be adjusted.

Features Of Gate Valves
Can be used for two-way circulation
easy to use
Suitable for large size pipes

Disadvantage Of Gate Valves
Not able to regulate the flow rate

Globe Valves

The globe valve is similar to the gate valve in that the valve stem does linear movement to open or close the valve. The difference is that the stop valve can be used to circulate, cut off, and adjust the flow.

Features Of Globe Valves
Able to help to regulate the flow rate
Easy to install and easy to operate

Disadvantages Of Globe Valves
Not suitable for high pressure applications

The above are the 5 industrial valves provided by COVNA. Hope to help you understand and choose the valve, and better apply it in your project.