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Hi, welcome to COVNA official website. This is Sherry from COVNA in China.

We are a valve and actuator manufacturer and helped more than 500 water treatment projects with valve solutions. We are well aware that unsuitable valves will have a bad impact on projects, such as project suspension, resulting in economic losses, reduced production capacity, and even loss of market share.

Therefore, on this page, we will recommend to you the valves that can be used in the water treatment industry/equipment. Hope to help you choose the right valve so that the project can run well and get the maximum benefit.

Any demand for valves, feel free to consult us at sales@covnaactuator.com

Sherry WongSale Manager Of COVNA Group

What Is Water Treatment?

We do not lack water, what we lack is pure water.

The way of water treatment includes physical and chemical treatment. Through a series of operations such as filtration, sedimentation and purification, water purification is achieved. Through effective water treatment methods, you can improve the utilization of water resources and environmental protection.

The valve is an indispensable part of water treatment. They help to transport water and improve productivity.

As a manufacturer of automated valves, COVNA understands the needs of the water treatment industry. In this article, we will introduce you to the valves available for the water treatment industry.


Featured Products For Wastewater Treatment

Actuator Ball Valve Series

Offering all kinds of actuator ball valves for various industries for automation solutions.

Size Range: 1/2″ to 16″

Pressure range: 10bar(145psi) to 16bar(232psi)

Temperature Range: -10℃ to 180℃ (14℉ to 356℉)

Body Material Options: UPVC, CPVC, Stainless Steel, Carbon steel

Flow Direction Diagram: 2 way, 3 way(T or L port), 4 Way(X port)

Sealing: PTFE

Connection Types: Thread, Tri-Clamp, Weld, Flanged

Actuation Types: Electrically operated, pneumatically operated or manual

Actuator Butterfly Valve Series

Features of butterfly valves include compact design and easy installation. Offering the cost-effective valve solution for you.

Size Range: 2″ to 24″ (DN50 to DN600)

Pressure range: 10bar(145psi) to 40bar(580psi)

Temperature Range: -10℃(14℉) to 180℃(356℉)

Body Material: UPVC, CPVC, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron

Sealing: PTFE, EPDM, Hard Seal

Connection Types: Flanged, Wafer, Lugged, Tri-clamp

Actuation Types: Electrically operated, pneumatically operated or manual operated

Actuator Gate Valve Series

Size Range:1/2″ to 40″

Pressure range: 10bar(145psi) to 16bar(232psi)

Temperature Range: -10℃(14℉)to 400℃(392℉)

Body Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M

Sealing: Hard Seal or Soft Seal

Connection Type: Flanged

Actuation Types: Electrically operated, pneumatically operated or manual operated

COVNA Automatic Actuator Series For Water Treatment

COVNA Electric Rotary Actuator Series

All of COVNA electric actuators are ISO5211 mounting. Compatible with all types of valves


ON/OFF Type Electric Actuator

90 degrees rotary actuator for fully open or close. It could feedback the 4-20mA signal.


Modulating Type Electric Actuator

For regulating the open/close angle within the quarter-turn rotation.

It could receive and feedback the 4-20mA, 1-5Vdc or 0-10V dc signals.


Intelligent Type Electric Actuator

As same as the modulating type actuator but it has an LCD display screen to help control remotely or locally

It could receive and feedback the 4-20mA, 1-5VDC or 0-10VDC control signals


Multi-turn Electric Actuator With Worm Gear

The torque range up to 10,000Nm. Suitable for gate/globe valve.


Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

Exd II CT4 protection class to keep your project safe


Underwater Electric Actuator

IP68 protection class and it could use underwater at 3 meters


Auto Return Electric Actuator

Fail-safe type and Fail-open type are available for your options

COVNA Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Series

All of them are ISO5211 standard mounting. Compatible with all types of valves


ATE Series Spring Return Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Supply air to open, and the valve will auto close once the air is interrupted. Torque range from 5.7Nm to 2792Nm


AT Series Double Acting Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Supply air to open and supply air to close. Torque range up to 8Nm to 4678Nm


AW Series Pneumatic Actuator

Available in spring turn type and double acting type. Suitable for the valve which requires higher torque. Its torque range from 185Nm to 157,300Nm

COVNA also supply pneumatic accessories to help your project be automated




Limit Switch






Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Case Reference


Why Choose COVNA Actuators & Valves?

COVNA is a leading actuator and valve company in China. 20+ years of experience could help us deeply understand the needs of applications. We helped more than 2,000 companies with professional valve and actuation solutions.

We aim to ensure the product performance for your application.

What we can do for you? 

● Selection guide to help you select the right valve basic on your project needs

● Technical support to help you to solve the valve issue

● Offering 3D drawing, datasheet, manual to help you to use and install the valve

● 100% inspection before shipment and 1-year warranty of all products

● Most of our products have huge stock and guarantee the delivery date to avoid the shipping delay

● Custom valve service is available

Why Choose COVNA

Selection And Customized Service

20+ Years of experience have given us a solid understanding of the needs of various industries. We will choose the right valve for you according to your industry requirements. At the same time, we provide customized services to perfectly match the needs of your project

One-stop Purchasing Service

We have 3 production bases, a complete range of valve types, and provide you with one-stop valve procurement services. Here, you can enjoy a hassle-free purchasing process

Fast Delivery

In order not to delay the progress of your project, we will provide you with a fast delivery service. 90% of our products are in stock and will be delivered to you within 2 to 5 working days.

Quality Inspection Service

We value quality and focus on quality. Each valve will be 100% tested before shipment, including material testing, leak-proof testing, etc

For Project Designer Or Contractor

● A one-stop valve solution to fulfill your valve needs. Saving time and saving cost

● Competitive price to help you to win the project

● Sufficient stock and fast shipping. To help you to start the project without delay

● Custom valve service to meet your project valve needs

For Machine Manufacturers

● Market sharing to help you to know how to sell the goods and how to gain more market share

● Competitive price to help you to earn more benefits

● Sufficient stock and fast shipping to meet your inventory needs

● Turn-Key solution

Consult Us To Get The Valve Solution!

Enjoy our competitive price & your business grows.

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