Advantages And Applications Of Ball Valve

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Ball Valve is a valve driven by the stem, and around the ball valve axis for 90-degree rotation movement, can be used for fluid control and regulation. It should be noted that the ball valve needs to be installed horizontally, otherwise it is easy to leak.

According to the connection mode, the ball valve can be divided into: thread ball valve, flange ball valve, clamp ball valve and welding ball valve, and can be widely used in a variety of pipelines.

According to the flow pattern can be divided into two-way ball valve, three-way ball valve, and four-way ball valve, can be flexible control in the pipeline medium confluent, shunt, and flow direction switch, but also can close any channel to make the other two channels.

According to the driving form, the ball valve can be divided into electric actuator ball valve, pneumatic actuator ball valve, manual ball valve. Can be based on their own budget, as well as the design of the system, choose the appropriate driver.

Advantages Of Ball Valves

1. The ball valve has the advantages of simple structure, compact design, small volume and light weight
2. Low flow resistance
3. Easy to operate, quick to open and close, only need to rotate 90 degrees to open or close, can be equipped with electric actuator, easy to control from a distance
4. Good sealing performance, using elastic rubber sealing ring, structure easy to seal, not easy to leak
5. Easy maintenance, easy disassembly and cleaning, long working life

 Applications Of Ball Valve

Oil and natural gas transmission main pipeline, need to clean the pipeline, and buried in the underground pipeline, choose all-through, all-welded structure of the ball valve. Pipe buried in the ground, choose all-through welding connection or flange connection of the ball valve. For the transportation pipeline and storage equipment of finished oil, the ball valve with flange connection is selected.

For city gas and natural gas pipelines, flanged and internally threaded floating ball valves shall be used.

In the oxygen pipeline system of metallurgical system, the fixed ball valve with flange connection and strict degreasing treatment should be selected. Low-temperature medium pipeline system and equipment, the appropriate choice with the cover of the low-temperature ball valve.

The lifting rod type ball valve can be used in the pipeline system of FCC unit of oil refining unit.

Chemical systems such as acid and alkali corrosive media devices and pipeline systems, the appropriate choice of stainless steel, polytetrafluoroethylene for the seat sealing ring ball valve.

Metal sealed ball valve can be used in the piping system or device of high temperature medium in metallurgical system, electric power system, petrochemical equipment and city heating system. Need to carry out flow regulation, can choose the worm drive, pneumatic or electric with v-shaped opening regulating ball valve.

Water treatment system can choose the common thread ball valve or flange ball valve, can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators, industrial automation, to provide engineering efficiency.