Advantages Of Electric Actuator

The electric actuator is a valve that is opened and closed by electric power and signal source. It can be controlled remotely or manually. Quarter turn electric actuator, multi-turn electric actuator and linear electric actuator are available.
Widely used in wastewater treatment plants, power plants, HVAC, food plants and various types of systems and pipelines. Electric actuators play an important role in process control automation.

covna electric automatic actuators

covna electric automatic actuators

Advantages Of Electric Actuators:

1. Motor Provides High Torque
Electric actuators use single-phase current or three-phase current motors as the main driving force. The torque provided by the motor is large, which can open large-sized valves, and the power consumption is close to 0, which is more suitable for the automation industry. But the motor is easy to accumulate heat and cause downtime. So the overload protection device is very important.

2. Easy To Integrate
Electric actuators provide more and simpler automation solutions than pneumatic actuators. Built-in microprocessor and controller, programmable, can receive signals, can be connected to system control

3. Higher Safety Performance
Optional weatherproof and explosion-proof grades are available. It can provide you with more suitable actuators according to different industries. It can be well applied in harsh environments and reduce the probability of casualties.

4. Lower Cost Of Use
Although the cost of electric actuators alone is higher than pneumatic actuators. However, the electric actuator requires less maintenance, is durable, easy to operate, and has a longer service life. It can be used without any other accessories.

5. Higher Control Accuracy
Due to the large torque provided by the motor, the electric actuator has higher accuracy in controlling motion, and there will be no angular deviation, which makes the media control more precise.