Advantages of Intelligent Pneumatic Actuated Valve

The intelligent pneumatic actuated valve mainly refers to the use of pneumatic actuated valve with a positioner, through the positioner signal feedback, remote control through programming and accurate flow regulation.

With the increasing demand of industrial automation and the development of science and technology, intelligent pneumatic actuated valve has gradually spread to pipeline control in various industries.

The main advantages of intelligent pneumatic actuated valve are:
1. Fault Diagnosis
Pneumatic actuated valve with positioner and through the signal feedback, can diagnose whether the valve is safe to open or close and whether the valve regulation flow is accurate. Make the management of pneumatic valve more convenient, reduce manpower, reduce expenses.

2. Cut Costs
Using intelligent pneumatic valve can not only change the flow characteristics of pneumatic actuated valve conveniently, but also improve the accuracy of flow regulation. This means buying fewer unnecessary automation parts, simplifying the assembly of engineering or equipment, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

3. Digital Communications
Based on HART communication protocol, the positioner realizes the input signal and the valve signal on the same transmission line. The combination of pneumatic actuated valve, positioner and PID control function module makes the control more timely and faster.

In addition to the intelligent pneumatic valve can remote control valve switch, monitoring and regulating the accuracy of flow, but also to improve the production efficiency, access to greater benefits. It is believed that in the near future, the intelligent pneumatic valve will be widely used.

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