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COVNA Valves For Aquaculture Water Treatment System

The increase in population increases the demand for food. And fish is one of the favorite foods of human beings. At the same time, farms are also looking for a sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy fish farming method. Its essence is to provide a steady stream of high-quality water to provide a good living environment […]

COVNA Valves For Textile Industry

The textile industry is currently one of the largest users of water, producing large amounts of wastewater during processing. This will require an efficient and sustainable method of wastewater treatment. In order to realize the recycling and reuse of water, reduce water consumption and protect the ecological environment. On the other hand, valves work well […]

COVNA Valves For Microelectronics Manufacturing

In order to make microelectronics manufacturing more smoothly, we need to clean the chip, the purpose is to remove particles, metal impurities or organic contamination. This usually requires an integrated water treatment system to filter and purify the washed wastewater, allowing the water to be reused and protecting the environment. A valve is an industrial […]

COVNA Valves For Chemical Feed System

Chemical feed system is an automated material conveying system for dosing chemicals into chemical feed tanks for subsequent water or wastewater treatment. Precise conveying control for increased productivity rates. We learned that the chemical feed system consists of valves, instruments, flow meters, tanks, pipelines and other industrial accessories, each of which performs its own duties […]

COVNA Valves For Food Skid-Mounted System

I am very happy to introduce the food skid-mounted system projects we have receivedrecently to you. Due to the increase in population and the increase in demand for food, the food processing industry has also developed rapidly to meet the current high demand for food. Food processing systems are assembled from industrial accessories such as […]

COVNA Valves For Compressed Air Gas Dryer

I am very happy to introduce a project we recently received – the compressed air gas dryer project. A compressed air gas dryer is a special filtration system used to remove the inherent moisture in compressed air or gas. Removing water vapor from compressed air or gas to prevents condensation and prevents moisture interference, allowing […]

COVNA Valves For Textile Factory Sewage Treatment

I am very happy to introduce to you a project we have completed – sewage treatment of textile plants. Textile wastewater is the wastewater produced in the process of spinning and weaving. Textile industry wastewater generally contains suspended solids, grease, lint, surfactants and various dyes, etc., and is one of the more difficult industrial wastewaters […]

COVNA Valves For Agriculture Intelligent Irrigation

I am very happy to introduce a project we received recently – the agriculture intelligent irrigation project. The development of agricultural intelligent irrigation can effectively save water, expand the irrigated area, improve the irrigation guarantee rate, promote the sustainable use of water resources and increase agricultural output. Therefore, the intelligent irrigation industry has attracted much […]

COVNA Valves For Power Plant Station

I am very happy to introduce to you one of our recently completed projects – the National Power Plant Project. Customers need to buy a batch of butterfly valves to regulate the flow of seawater. Because it is a power station project, the requirements for the valve are very high, and the safety of the […]

COVNA Valves For Water Supply Pipeline

I am very happy to be here to introduce a project inquiry we received recently – Water Supply Project for the park in Brazil. The project is simple, and the consultation is electric ball valve and electric butterfly valve. As an automated valve supplier with more than 20 years of valve experience, we are committed […]