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9 Advantages Of Pneumatic Actuator Valve

In this article, we will share with you 9 advantages of pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic butterfly valve. If you are looking for pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic butterfly valve, you should check this article. It could help you to know better and select the valve. At the meanwhile, if you have any demand for […]

Advantages Of Electric Actuator

The electric actuator is a valve that is opened and closed by electric power and signal source. It can be controlled remotely or manually. Quarter turn electric actuator, multi-turn electric actuator and linear electric actuator are available. Widely used in wastewater treatment plants, power plants, HVAC, food plants and various types of systems and pipelines. […]

Advantages Of Electric Ball Valve

In terms of operating efficiency and saving energy consumption, the use of automatic control valves is an indispensable part. The manual valves and pneumatic valves commonly used in the traditional industry are inferior to electric actuator valves in installation cost and efficiency. The electric actuator valve is driven by power supply and feedback signal to […]

Advantages Of Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

Explosion-proof electric actuators are used to control valves that rotate from 0 to 270 degrees, such as ball valves and butterfly valves. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipbuilding, paper making, power station and other industries. It uses 380V / 220V power supply as the driving power supply, and uses the switch signal […]

How To Select Pneumatic Actautor And Electric Actuator?

COVNA is a manufacturer of quarter-turn electric actuator and rack and pinion pneumatic actuator. Any demand, please contact us at sales@covnavalve.com An actuator is a device that opens or closes valves with power drive and signal control for easy industrial automation. The actuator can be driven by voltage, current, or pneumatic, or even manual, and […]

Working Environment of Electric Actuator Valve

Electric Actuator Valve is divided into electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric gate valve and electric globe valve. High Torque, long working hours, low failure rate, easy maintenance, adjustable switching speed / angle, widely used to control the air, water, steam, mud, oil and various corrosive media of the fluid. Electric Actuator Valve can […]

3 Tips For How To Select The Right Valve

COVNA, as a valve manufacturer over 20 years who specialized in pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve and globe valve. Any demand, please contact us and we will offer the cost-effective valve solution for you. In fluid piping systems, the valve is the control element, its main role is to isolate […]

Advantages And Applications Of Ball Valve

If you are looking for a ball valve supplier, you are in the right place. COVNA, a ball valve supplier in China who manufacture electric actuator ball valve, pneumatic actuator ball valve and manual ball valve for various applications. Any demand, please contact sales@covnavalve.com Ball Valve is a valve driven by the stem, and around […]

Advantages And Applications of Butterfly Valve

If you are looking for a butterfly valve, you are in the right place. COVNA, a manufacturer of butterfly valve including electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve and manual butterfly valve. If you have any demand, please contact sales@covnavalve.com. Butterfly Valve is installed in the pipeline, in the pipeline mainly plays the role of cutting […]