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The Important Role Of Valves In The Waste-To-Energy Industry

What Is Waste-To-Energy Industry? With the increasing global demand for energy and the growing awareness of environmental protection, waste-to-energy has become an important way of energy utilization. Waste-to-energy refers to the process of converting waste into energy, including technologies such as waste incineration, biomass energy, and sludge treatment. The main purpose of waste-to-energy is to […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Battery Filling System

What Is Battery Filling System? Battery Filling System is a system for automatically filling batteries, usually used in industrial, aviation, railway, military and other fields that require a large number of batteries. This system can automatically complete operations such as charging liquid, adding water, and exhausting the battery, thereby improving charging efficiency and charging quality, and […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Oxygen Service

Oxygen is one of the gases necessary for human beings, animals and plants to maintain life activities. In addition, oxygen is also widely used in various industries, such as medical equipment industry, smelting industry, chemical industry, agricultural planting industry, etc. Therefore, oxygen plays a great role in the survival and development of human beings. Why […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Ammonia Service

Ammonia is an important chemical raw material, widely used in chemical fertilizers, medicine, plastics, synthetic fibers, coatings, dyes and other industries. At the same time, ammonia is also used in refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning and other fields. ● In the chemical industry, ammonia is an important raw material for the preparation of urea, nitric […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Smart Irrigation Industry

What Is The Smart Irrigation Industry? Due to the artificial irrigation method used in the traditional irrigation industry, it will cause problems such as large water consumption, low efficiency, high labor cost and low planting effectiveness. With the needs of human development and the growth of science and technology, the current global agricultural irrigation technology […]

2023 COVNA Shanghai IEexpo

From April 19th to 21st, 2023, the COVNA team came to the Shanghai International Expo and launched a three-day exhibition. In this exhibition, we displayed COVNA’s new products, including intelligent irrigation electric actuator valves, pneumatic fluorine-lined control valves, intelligent explosion-proof electric actuator valves, etc., to match the new needs of various industries. At the scene, […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Paint Production Industry

The paint production industry generally includes manufacturers of paints, coatings, and coatings, which are used primarily to protect and decorate buildings, automobiles, ships, and various other objects. In the paint production industry, chemicals and raw materials such as resins, pigments, additives and thinners are commonly used to manufacture various types of paint products. These chemicals […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Composite Materials Manufacturing

What Is Composite Materials Manufacturing Industry? Composite raw materials are an important part of the plastics production industry. In the production of plastics and polymers, it is often necessary to mix different types of materials and additives together to obtain the desired properties and characteristics. Such products are known as composite materials or composite raw […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Green Fuel Cell Production

Environmental protection and sustainability have become global concerns. As a new type of energy with high energy efficiency, low carbon emissions, and long service life, new energy batteries have become an important way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and resource consumption. It is widely used in various fields. At present, the new energy battery industry […]