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Tips For Selecting The Valve For Medical Wastewater Treatment

Since the 20th century, the rapid development of pharmaceutical industry has brought a leap to human civilization and solved many plague problems. At the same time, the wastewater discharged from its production process has caused pollution to the environment, affecting human life as well as health. What Is Medical Wastewater? Hospital wastewater contains three major […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Filter

Groundwater can be developed and utilized as a water source for domestic water, industrial water and farmland irrigation. Moreover, groundwater has the advantages of stable water supply and less pollution. It is an essential resource for human life and development. However, most groundwater contains excessive levels of iron and manganese, which can affect the color, […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Coal Mine Water Treatment

Coal mine water refers to all the water that penetrates into the underground mining space during the coal mining process, and sometimes also contains a small amount of infiltrated surface water. Coal mine water treatment technologies mainly include neutralization of acidic water, flocculation treatment to remove suspended particles, reverse osmosis to remove soluble salts and […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Reverse Osmosis Equipment

What Is Reverse Osmosis Equipment? Reverse osmosis is a relatively advanced and energy-efficient membrane separation technology in the world today. It mainly uses the osmosis principle of the semi-permeable membrane, and applies a pressure to it in a certain way, which is opposite to the force of the natural osmosis direction, so that the water […]

Tips For Selecting The Valve For Desalination

With the continuous improvement of the level of global industrialization, freshwater resources are increasingly scarce, and the lack of water resources has led to slow global industrial development. Desalination has become an important option for coastal cities to solve such problems. Valves are widely used in seawater desalination plants. As important control components in various […]

Tips For Selecting The Valves For Sewage Treatment Plants

The global water pollution situation is becoming more and more serious, and sewage treatment and other water treatment industries have received unprecedented attention. In the sewage treatment pipeline system, the valve plays a very important role in building the fluid conveying system and controlling the direction, flow, pressure, etc. of the fluid. It is convenient […]

What Is Pneumatic Accessories?

Pneumatic accessories are industrial equipment used to realize industrial automation. There are positioners, limit switches, pneumatic reversing valves, air filters, etc. for your choice. Each pneumatic accessory has a different function. It is generally used with various types of pneumatic valves, which is convenient for remote control and industrial automation to improve the production efficiency […]

COVNA Actuator Valves For Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Mechanical vapor recompression is an industrial system for seawater desalination, metal processing plants, and food processing plants. It is used for waste & wastewater treatment, improving water resource utilization and waste treatment rate, and making our living environment more environmentally friendly. Since 2000, COVNA helped more than 500 wastewater treatment projects with automated valve solutions. […]