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Top 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In USA

The butterfly valve is used to transport and shut off the medium. More importantly, it can regulate the flow rate by adjusting the switch angle. The advantages of butterfly valves are easy to install, easy to maintain and save installation space. The size of the butterfly valve ranges from 2″ to 24″, and even larger. […]

TOP 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In Italy

MEI VALVOLE INDUSTRIALI was established in 1985 and is committed to using innovative technology to design and manufacture valves and deliver flow solutions to different applications. The company has 4 production lines to meet the needs of different applications. Including black line, green line, white line and red line. Black line: Damper butterfly valves mainly […]

3-Piece Ball Valves VS 2-Piece Ball Valves

Ball valve is currently the most widely used valve, it can be made into different types to be suitable for different industries. For example, it can be made of stainless steel, plastic, brass and so on. In this article, we will introduce you to the difference between a three-piece ball valve and a two-piece ball […]

5 Types Of COVNA Industrial Valves

In this article, we will introduce the 5 types of industrial valves for your reference. And hope this article could help you to know and select the right valve for your project. Ball Valve The ball valve is one of the quarter-turn valves, which can be opened or closed only by turning 90 degrees rotations. […]

What Does WOG Mean?

We often see many marks on the valve body, such as PN16, DN50, WCB, etc., and there is another one called WOG, which is actually the abbreviation of Water, Oil, and Gas. In this article, we will introduce the meaning of 1000WOG, hoping to help you better understand and purchase. What does WOG mean? WOG […]

How Butterfly Valve Works

Butterfly valves are one kind of valve that are used to start, shut off, and control fluid flow. Widely used in various industries, including HVAC, power plant, water treatment, oil and gas, paper and pulp, etc. Due to the wide size of the butterfly valve, it is very suitable for use in large pipelines. Source: […]