Best Industrial Valve Manufacturers In Italy

Italy is one of the world’s top valve production bases and has many different types of valve manufacturers, which can meet the needs of most buyers around the world. In this article, we will list the top 5 industrial valve manufacturers in Italy to make it easier for you to search for suppliers.

COVNA is a Chinese brand but we have the valve equal to the Italian brand. If your project could accept a Chinese brand, welcome to consult us and get a free valve solution.

The Best Italian Ball Valve Manufacturer

Established in 1962, Perar SPA is Italy’s leading manufacturer of API6D and API6A ball valves. Its ball valve size ranges from 1/2″ to 60″ to meet your pipe size requirements. At the same time, the pressure rating of the ball valve ranges from 150Lbs to 2500Lbs and has various ball valves such as floating type, trunnion mounted type, and low temperature type. You could find the ball valve you need easier in Perar SPA.

The Best Italian Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

PetrolValves was founded in 1956, when it was only able to produce some small-sized valves. By 1965, PetrolValves had become one of the main valve providers in the oil and gas industry in Europe and the Middle East.
Its triple eccentric butterfly valve meets the SIL rating of IEC61508 and has passed the fire test of API607 and ISO10497. At the same time, the size of the valve ranges from 3″ to 112″, and the pressure rating ranges from Class 150 to 900 (PN10 to PN160) for your choice.

The Best Italian Gate Valve Manufacturer

Sitindustries Valvometal was founded in 1955, and its valve materials can be made of forged steel, cast steel, stainless steel, or alloys. Focus on providing valve solutions for the petroleum and natural industries, petrochemical industries, power plant industries, and food processing industries. And it has provided valve services for more than 50+ countries around the world.
The gate valve design complies with API6D, API 600, ASME B16.34, API 602-ISO 15761-BS 5352, and has passed the fire safety test API 6FA, API 607, ISO 10497.

The Best Italian Globe Valve Manufacturer

Founded in 1953, Firsa SPA is one of Italy’s leading globe valve manufacturers. Its products are widely used in chemical plants, petroleum plants, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, natural gas pipeline plants and so on. The globe valve conforms to the ANSI B 16.34 design, its size ranges from 2″ to 36″, and the pressure rating ranges from 150Lbs to 2500Lbs.

The Best Italian Check Valve Manufacturer

Metalvalves S.r.l. has 25+ years of experience in the valve industry and has top-notch technology and rich experience in flow control. Committed to providing high-quality valve solutions for energy, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, transportation, and mining industries. The valves are in compliance with EU standards and API / ASME / ASTM / BS design standards.


Italy has many excellent valve manufacturers, and they can provide you with high-quality valves. I hope this article can help you find a suitable valve partner.