Hi dear, this is Sherry from COVNA Group. We are a manufacturer of actuator and valve with 20 years experience in China. We hope our experience and products could help your project run well and let you earn more benefits.

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Sherry Wong Sales Manager Of COVNA Group

As an actuators and valves manufacturer, COVNA will manufactures butterfly valve with electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and manual control for your projects.

We provide butterfly valve in wafer/lugged/flanged/tri-clamp type for your various piping. We also provide butterfly valve in cast iron, stainless steel and PVC material for on/off control of water, waste water, oil, and other midums.

We offer the electric actuator with IP67 weatherproof protection class for outdoor uses. Multi control methods: Manual control, signal control(4-20mA, 1-5VDC or 0-10VDC) and DC/AC power supply(12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC). Well for fluid control of irrigation system, HVAC, water treatment, etc.

We also supply pneumatic actuator in single acting(spring return) and double acting. Rack and pinion actuator with high torque and responsive features. Lightweight for any piping.

Whatever you are a valve distributor, industry contractor or machine manufacturer, we will help you to select the right and suitable valve for you.

COVNA committed to being your No.1 supplier of actuator and valve. We will do our best to help you select the right actuator valve. Consult us now or send us a email to sales@covnavalve.com

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