2019 Thai Water Expo

In June 2019, the COVNA team returned to Thailand for THAI WATER EXPO.

Unlike before, this trip to Thailand has an enthusiastic customer invited us to taste authentic Thai cuisine. Very good, and thank you so much for the nice dinner.

Then the COVNA team continued to visit clients and attend trade shows over the next two days. We introduced COVNA magazine and the culture of COVNA to our clients at the fair, also the electric actuators & pneumatic actuators. They were very interested in our culture and our products and said they are willing to come to COVNA to discuss more business opportunities with us.

This trip to Thailand, we feel that Thailand is a multicultural country, the market is fully inclusive. I believe we will come to Thailand again in the future to seek more cooperation opportunities.

COVNA’S New Office

In March 2018, our CEO, Mr. Hong, said he wanted to move to a bigger and nicer office.

In mid-May 2019, I’m proud to say, we have a new office building! A 3-storey office building with our “COVNA” signboard and the building covering more than 1000 square meters!

Next, let us show you around our new office building.

First of all, this is the front desk on the first floor, and you can see this certification wall, ISO, FDA, CE, and so on. Secondly, our CNC machining center is also on the first floor. We currently have 10 CNC machines working 12 hours a day to ensure our monthly capacity.

Then we arrive at the second floor where the sales team worked and where we received our clients in the sample room, where they could get a good feel for the atmosphere of COVNA and get enough product information, also could check the quality of electric actuators & pneumatic actuators here.

Finally, we reached the third floor, where we assembled, inspected, and stocked. All of our products are collected here from the warehouse according to the customer’s needs, then assembled by experienced engineers, and tested, including voltage test, waterproof test, Torque test and so on, and finally packed and shipped.

We hope to meet you in COVNA one day, and we’ll give you a grand tour of COVNA!

2019 Water Philippines Expo

In late March 2019, the COVNA team came to the Philippines to participate in Water Philippines Expo. We spent three days in the Philippines and saw the rapid development of the Philippines and the warmth of the local people.

As soon as COVNA team got off the plane and packed his bags, the COVNA team set off to visit clients. We work with our clients to explore the local market in the Philippines and look for new business opportunities. We are also aware of the strength of the Philippine market.

We also introduce our clients to COVNA magazine and tell them that it contains the best environmental suppliers in China and an analysis of the Chinese market. Clients say COVNA is a deep business. Here, we appreciate for your affirmation!

The two-day visit soon ended, and on the last day we went to the beach and enjoyed a warm romantic sunset.

The Philippines is a good place, we will definitely come again!

12th COVNA Industrial Salon

On December 21,2018, COVNA 12th Industrial Salon was successfully held in Dongguan, China. More than 400 businesses have joined the salon. Thank you all for coming.

Throughout the conference, we shared information about the environmental industry, projects, technologies, and prospects. We can bump our heads together, get more ideas, and broaden our horizons, which will help us grow and progress together.

Then, president Mr. Hong of the COVNA Group, the organizer of the 12th CCOVNA, spoke about COVNA magazine and the COVNA camp. We will collect industry information from all over the world, as well as information on the best green companies. This information will be included in the COVNA magazine and sent to the rest of the world to show the world the best companies in China. The COVNA training camp is a channel to help small and medium enterprises develop. COVNA not only develops its own business but also looks to other small and medium-sized enterprises to help them grow.

At the end of the meeting, all the guests spontaneously exchanged business cards and discussed ideas with each other.

Hope in the future, we can have your participation! See you next time!

2018 COVNA Charity Event

November 1, 2018, was the second time the COVNA team had visited Yarong township in Guangxi. The COVNA team came back with the necessities, the sporting goods, the books to the children.

In order to improve educational facilities for poor children in mountainous areas, COVNA group has decided to build a COVNA loving primary school for Yarong township to enable more children to learn and provide a better environment for learning. At the same time, we provide a variety of school supplies, such as projectors, maps, dictionaries, basketball, table tennis, school uniforms, school bags, pens and so on to these children.


Speaking at the donation event, president Mr Hong of the COVNA group said: We hope that our children will do well in school, become useful people, give back to society in the future and lead a better life for the people back home. Looking at the children’s eyes, we believe that they will succeed.

After the donation ceremony, the COVNA team painted and danced with the children, encouraging them to be confident and grow up healthily.


Given the paucity of local teaching resources, the COVNA team decided to give children a special English class that would take them to look around the global culture.

Later, the COVNA team visited a number of needy families and offered them money to help them cope with their current financial difficulties.

There are still a lot of people in the world who need our help. COVNA will continues to give love and to spread positive energy!

2018 Russia Expo

In mid September 2018, the COVNA team arrived the Russian capital, Florida.

Once off the plane, the COVNA team couldn’t wait to visit clients they had worked with. We explore the future of COVNA, the opportunities in the Russian market, and explore more opportunities for collaboration. At the same time, we would like to thank our customers for their satisfaction with our actuators and valves. Your satisfaction is the motive force of our progress.

That three-day visiting can’t reach out too many customers, but we are aware of the huge potential of the Russian market and we believe that we will soon be back in Russia to continue to broaden it.

After the visit, the COVNA team traveled to Red Square to experience the local culture and appreciate that the local people for helping us with our transport problems.

This trip is over. See you next time!

2018 Singapore International Water Week

After the Pumps & Valves Asia Expo in Thailand, the COVNA team come to Singapore to take part in the Singapore International Water Week.

The COVNA team has learned from water treatment experts about the future of water technology and has worked with local water treatment experts to explore new opportunities for collaboration.

The COVAN team met a lot of new clients at the fair, and we introduced them product specs of electric actuators & pneumatic actuators, product applications and COVNA magazines. The clients said that COVNA is a cultural company and they look forward to working with us.

After the expo, we went to a Singaporean client’s store to see how he was selling and whether he had product problems, which the COVNA team helped him solve on site.

The COVNA team will continue to go out and learn more about different places, open up new markets and be better.

2018 Thailand Pumps & Valves Asia Expo

June 6, 2018, COVNA team came to Thailand to participate in the Southeast Asia professional pump valve exhibition–Pumps & Valves Expo Asia. With the theme of new energy and environmental protection, the exhibition attracts professional water technology experts from all over the world.

On the second day of the fair, COVNA’s general manager, Mr. Bond was invited to sign a valve agreement with the head of UBM’s asia-pacific headquarters, confirming that the two will be long-term investment partners, enhancing the international brand benefits of COVNA Brand.

At the same time, through discussions with the UBM leaders, we agree that the South-East District region has great potential for development. We believe that as long as we seize the opportunity, the enterprise will develop better

The 11th COVNA Industrial Salon

On April 27,2018, the 11th COVNA Industrial Salon was held successfully in Guangzhou, China! More than 400 business executives from across the country, as well as Lee, the UK’s business buyer, will be invited to the salon. Thank you all for coming!

As the largest industry salon in the Pearl River Delta, the theme is still “Sharing, Discussion & Future”. More than 400 companies have gathered here to discuss industrial development nationally and globally, and to look for new opportunities.

Since COVNA Salon was first held in 2016, it is the 11th Salon has been held. We take “the unity and the win-win” as the objective, has become the professional NO.1 big exchange meeting.

Now, we go live to the scene:

Here’s how Lee described COVNA Salon from the UK business community. He said: He have been to a lot of salons like this, but COVNA Salon is the most enthusiastic salon he’s ever been to and it was a great experience.

Finally, we hope to have you in our next salon! See you next time!

2017 Thai Water Expo

COVNA’s team attended the 4 day THAI WATER EXPO from June 7 to 10,2017.

At the 2017 Thai Water Expo, COVNA demonstrated electric actuators, electric actuated ball valves and butterfly valves to customers from all over the world, introducing them to the advantages of our products, including high sensitivity, high stability, low-temperature rise, low power consumption, high efficiency, zero leakage, and cost-effective. The COVNA product was praised by clients for its cost-effectiveness, and one client said on the spot that COVNA would be his partner.

As a Chinese valve manufacturer with advanced technology, we are committed to providing high-quality automation solutions for the world. In recent years, COVNA has expanded into Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and more. I believe that one day, we will have the opportunity to work together.