Hi dear, welcome to COVNA Group’s official website and this is Sherry, a sales manager of COVNA group. It is my honor to introduce this 3-piece design ball valve to you.

The three-piece ball valve refers to the combination of both ends and the central core part through bolts. For easy to disassemble, easy to repair and easy to install. Full port, long service life and anti-corrosion. COVNA 3-piece ball valve is designed in thread type, flange type, tri-clamp type and weld type to meet your valve needs. Available in pneumatic actuator type, electric actuator type and manual type.

Suitable for the application that needs regular maintenance. Widely used in wastewater treatment, paper and pulp, oil and gas, food and beverage, etc.

Since 2000, we are customer-oriented, provide excellent fluid solutions for more than 2,000 projects, and help improve production efficiency. Hope our valves can help you to solve fluid solutions too.

Welcome any inquiries from you, and feel free to contact us by filling in the form below or sending an email to sales@covnaactuator.com

Sherry WongSales Manager