COVNA Actuator Valves For Cosmetic Processing

I am very happy to introduce to you a project we recently completed – cosmetic processing. This project needs to purchase a batch of pneumatic insulation valves for the flow control of grease. This time the delivery time is very urgent, and the customer hopes to ship within a month. By studying the customer’s project requirements and coordinating the production time with the warehouse, our final delivery time is about 10 days. Effectively reduce shipping time and avoid project delays.

Jacketed wafer ball valve is a kind of heat preservation or cold preservation by injecting hot water, steam or cold water. The valve body has a high-performance insulating structure to keep the medium flowing. Suitable for use in grease, asphalt, resin, chocolate, etc. The compact valve body design saves installation volume and low media hold-up.

It can be used with pneumatic actuators or electric actuators for remote control purposes. The advantages of pneumatic actuators are fast response, working life up to 100W times, lightweight, low cost, safety and explosion-proof. Pneumatic actuators can receive or feedback signals through positioners, are compatible with various control systems, and realize remote control and industrial automation. Electric actuators can directly feedback or receive signals to help you achieve the purpose of remote control. Its advantage is intelligent integration, no additional air source is required, and electric actuators with different functions can be provided according to the requirements of the working conditions.