COVNA Actuator Valves For Industrial Tunnel Washers

Industrial tunnel washers provide large-scale and environmentally friendly commercial washing services. Able to use less water, and wash more cleanly. Valves play a role in conveying water or detergent in industrial tunnel washers. Helping industrial tunnel cleaners run smoothly and improve efficiency. Below, we will introduce you to the valves that can be used in industrial tunnel cleaning machines.

Ball Valves

The ball valve is a quarter-turn valve. It can assist the pipeline to realize the functions of circulation, cut-off, changing the flow direction of the medium, confluence and diversion. So the ball valve will be one of your first choice valves.

● According to the function, the ball valve can be customized into high-temperature types (suitable for controlling steam, hot water, etc.), high-pressure types (suitable for high-pressure cleaners), anti-corrosion types (suitable for controlling strong acids and alkalis, etc.), general-purpose types (suitable for for regulating ordinary water flow, etc.).

● According to the difference of the actuation mode, the ball valve can be divided into electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valves and manual ball valves. 3 actuation methods to meet the actuation needs of your project.


Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve is a valve with a compact design, easy to operate, and a large size. It can save you installation space and purchase cost. Provide you with the services of circulation, truncation and regulation of traffic.

● Butterfly valve can be divided into soft seal butterfly valve and hard seal according to the difference of seals. Meet different temperature and pressure needs.

● According to the difference of the connection method, the butterfly valve can be divided into wafer type, flange type, lug type and clamp type to meet various installation needs of your pipeline.

● According to the driving method, butterfly valve can be divided into electric butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves and manual butterfly valves. All in all, electric actuators are your first choice for smart devices. Pneumatic actuators are fast and cost-effective. Manual valves are low cost.


Gate Valves

The gate valve is a linear operated valve. It is suitable for flow-through and shut-off. Its advantages are easy installation and easy handling.

Check Valves

The check valve is an industrial valve used to prevent the backflow of the medium and ensure the normal operation of the project.

The above is an introduction to the valves that can be used in industrial tunnel cleaning machines. If you are an industrial tunnel cleaning machine manufacturer or other industrial equipment manufacturers, welcome any inquiry to