COVNA Actuator Valves for Marine

The marine valve is a device used to control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the fluid in the ship’s pipeline to meet the environmental conditions of the ship.

The marine valve is a control device for the fluid pipeline. Its basic function is to connect or cut off the flow of the medium in the pipeline, change the flow of the medium, change the flow direction of the medium, adjust the pressure and flow of the medium, and protect the normal operation of the equipment in the pipeline.

Below I will introduce to you the actuator valves of COVNA suitable for marine use.

Knife Gate Valves

 Knife gate valve has the advantages of simple and compact structure, reasonable design, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation, running smooth, small flow resistance and easy installation. It works normally when the temperature is -10 to 425℃. The gate of the knife gate valve has a shearing function, which can scrape off the adhesive on the sealing surface and automatically remove the sundries. The stainless steel gate can prevent seal leakage caused by corrosion.

Available in pneumatic knife gate valve, electric knife gate valve and manual knife gate valve for your different actuation needs.


Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valve has the advantages of lightweight, reliable performance, simple matching and large flow capacity, especially suitable for occasions where the medium is viscous and contains particles and fibers. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body, so the pressure drop generated by the valve is very small. So it has better flow control characteristics. The butterfly valve has two sealing types such as soft seal types and metal seal types.

At present, the valve is widely used in food, environmental protection, petroleum, papermaking, chemical industry, teaching and scientific research equipment, electric power and other industries.

The butterfly valve could be driven by electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and manual override.


Ball Valves

Ball valve is a common use valve. Widely used for transport, shut-off, change the direction of flow rate and control the flow rate. It could be customized into high-temperature types, high-pressure types, anti-corrosive types and universal types. Suitable for water, steam, oil, fuel, air, and so on. Offering a reliable valve solution for you.

Also available in electric operated type, pneumatic operated type, and manual operated type.

Here is a brief introduction of valves for marine. Any demand for valves, feel free to consult us at for a cost-effective valve solution.