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What Is Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly valve is a kind of valve with a simple structure, also it is a quarter-turn type valve. It has a disc, which could rotate around the valve stem and rotary 90 degrees to achieve opening and closing.

The butterfly valve could be used for low-pressure pipeline for flow rate control.
Butterfly valve could be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media.
If your pipeline requires high pressure or high-temperature butterfly valves, the hard seated butterfly valve is recommended.

Butterfly valves are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, sewage treatment, dams, agricultural irrigation, and other fields.

What Is Automatic Actuators?

Automatic actuators are mechanical devices driven by power or clean air. It could receive and feedback the 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, or 1-5VDC control signal. To helping control remotely.

Features of an automatic actuator including save labor cost, realize remote control by receiving and feedback signals, and provide excellent automated flow control solutions.


Why We Need An Actuator?

The working environment in certain industries will be harsh, such as explosive, high temperature, low temperature, storm, snow, etc. In order to protect personal safety, it is very necessary to install an actuator.

Realizing remote control through the actuator, reduce the number of times that engineers go to the harsh environment, and protect the safety of employees.

At the same time, suppose you have farmland and there are many valves to control the flow of water in the farmland. When you need to irrigate, you need to open the valves one by one. When the irrigation is finished, you have to close the valves one by one. This will waste a lot of time and is very tiring.

If there is an actuator, you can use the control signal and power to open or close the valve with one button, saving you time, improving work efficiency, and being intelligent.

Achiving the automation solution via actuator.

COVNA Electric Rotary Actuator Series

All COVNA electric actuators are ISO5211 mounting, suitable for the butterfly valves


ON/OFF Type Electric Actuator

90 degrees rotary actuator for fully open or close. It could feedback the 4-20mA signal.


Modulating Type Electric Actuator

For regulating the open/close angle within the quarter-turn rotation.

It could receive and feedback the 4-20mA, 1-5Vdc or 0-10V dc signals.


Intelligent Type Electric Actuator

As same as the modulating type actuator but it has an LCD display screen to help control remotely or locally

It could receive and feedback the 4-20mA, 1-5VDC or 0-10VDC control signals


Multi-turn Electric Actuator With Gearbox

For the butterfly valve which has higher torque needs. Its torque range up to 10,000Nm


Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

With excellent explosion-proof performance for oil and gas industry


Underwater IP68 Electric Actuator

IP68 water-proof protection class for using underwater


Auto Return Electric Actuator

Fail-close type or fail-open type for fire fighting industry

Features of COVNA Electric Rotary Actuator Series

● Automation Control

Electric actuators can be integrated with control systems for automated control. This can improve industrial productivity and reduce the cost and risk of manual operation and monitoring.

● Precise Control

Electric actuators can provide precise flow control to meet exact flow requirements. By adjusting the position of the actuator, the opening and closing of the valve can be accurately controlled, thus ensuring a stable flow and pressure.

● Remote Control

Electric actuators can be controlled by a remote control system, which is especially important for valves located at remote locations or installed in hazardous environments. This can increase the safety and convenience of operation.

● Programmability

Electric actuators can be programmed for a variety of control functions and applications. This makes them more flexible and adaptable to various application scenarios.

● Reliability

Electric actuators can improve the reliability and durability of valves compared to manual operation. They typically require less maintenance and upkeep, and can provide precise control consistently.

COVNA Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Series

All of them are ISO5211 standard mounting, suitable for all brands of butterfly valves


ATE Series Spring Return Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Supply air to open, and the valve will auto close once the air is interrupted. Torque range from 5.7Nm to 2792Nm


AT Series Double Acting Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Supply air to open and supply air to close. Torque range up to 8Nm to 4678Nm


AW Series Pneumatic Actuator

Available in spring turn type and double-acting type. Suitable for the butterfly valve which requires higher torque. Its torque range from 185Nm to 157,300Nm

COVNA also supply pneumatic accessories to help your project be automated




Limit Switch






Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Features of COVNA Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Series

● High Accuracy

Pneumatic actuators can often provide higher accuracy than manual operation, allowing for more accurate control of butterfly valve position and flow. This is especially important for applications that require high precision control.

● Fast Response

Pneumatic actuators typically have a faster response than manual operation. This is especially important for applications that require fast control and response.

● High Reliability

Pneumatic actuators are typically highly reliable because they are driven by compressed air and do not require an electrical supply, and they are also designed to prevent misoperation.

● Ease of Operation

Compared to manual operation, pneumatic actuators can provide easier and more convenient operation, especially for large and heavy valves. Operators can control pneumatic actuators by remote control of the air supply.

● Easy Maintenance

Pneumatic actuators usually require very little maintenance because they have no electronic components and the mechanical parts are relatively simple and easy to maintain and service.

Why Choose COVNA Actuators & Valves?

COVNA is a valve actuator and industrial valve manufacturer in China. We have 20+ years of experience and more than 30 certifications and patents.

We will deeply source the market info and industry knowledge, to help our client solve the actuation and valve solution better.

What we can do for you? 

● Selection guide to help you select the right valve basic on your project needs

● Technical support to help you to solve the valve issue

● Offering 3D drawing, datasheet, manual to help you to use and install the valve

● 100% inspection before shipment and 1-year warranty of all products

● Most of our products have huge stock and guarantee the delivery date to avoid the shipping delay

● Custom valve service is available

For Project Designer Or Contractor

● A one-stop valve solution to fulfill your valve needs. Saving time and saving cost

● Competitive price to help you to win the project

● Sufficient stock and fast shipping. To help you to start the project without delay

● Custom valve service to meet your project valve needs

For Distributors

● Market sharing to help you to know how to sell the goods and how to gain more market share

● Competitive price to help you to earn more benefits

● Sufficient stock and fast shipping to meet your inventory needs

● Product training

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