COVNA Automatic Valves For HVAC

The heating and cooling industry maintains indoor temperatures and keeps indoor spaces comfortable. General HVAC systems can be used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, residential buildings and more. Make human life more comfortable. Generally, the requirement of regulating indoor temperature is achieved by transmitting cold water, hot water or steam. Therefore, optimizing heating and cooling systems to reduce fuel usage, water consumption, labor and maintenance is imperative. A valve is an automated industrial device that helps you automate water recycling, water purification and water utilization.

Below, we will introduce the valves that can be used in the HVAC industry and assist the operation of water treatment systems. Hope to help you better understand and choose the right valve.

Butterfly Valves

Due to the larger duct size of HVAC, we would recommend butterfly valves. Provide you with cost-effective fluid control solutions. Secondly, the butterfly valve switching torque is small, the design is compact, easy to operate and easy to install. Suitable for regulating the flow of cooling water, hot water, optimizing heating and cooling performance and human comfort.

It can be used with pneumatic actuator or electric actuator to realize the purpose of remote control valve.

Ball Valves

The ball valve is a quarter-turn valve. 2-way ball valve, 3-way ball valve and 4-way ball valve are available for you to choose to meet your fluid on-off and change the fluid flow direction needs. Make your projects run more smoothly. Secondly, we can provide pneumatic ball valve or electric ball valve for you to choose to meet your actuation needs.

Gate Valves

A gate valve is a linear operation valve. The gate rises or falls in a straight line to open or close the valve. It only could fully open or fully close for transport or isolate the flow rate.

Control Valves

Offering pneumatic control valves and electric control valves for your choice. A regulating valve is a valve used to precisely regulate flow or pressure. Make your project run more safely and smoothly.

Here is the introduction of COVNA valves for HVAC. Any demand for valve, feel free to consult us to get a best valve solution.