COVNA Automatic Valves For Paper And Pulp

Nowadays, paper is still a necessity in our daily life, and the demand is increasing year by year. Therefore, the paper and pulp industry is still one of the industries with the best development potential now. Paper production involves multiple processes, including high-temperature cooking, bleaching, setting, and more. The entire production environment will be relatively harsh, high temperature, corrosion, pungent taste, etc., will be a great challenge for people. Therefore, we would recommend customers in the paper industry to choose automatic valves to make the entire production process more intelligent and automated, so as to ensure the personal safety of engineers and help projects increase production capacity.
Below, we will introduce automatic valves that can be used in the paper industry.

Automatic Ball Valves

Automatic ball valves mean ball valves with automatic actuators to help your project run automated. Ball valves are available in stainless steel, UPVC or carbon steel material to meet your various pipeline needs. Meanwhile, it has normal types, high-temperature types, high-pressure types, anti-corrosion types to fulfill your needs.

Electric actuators and pneumatic actuators are available for your choice.

Automatic Butterfly Valves

Automatic butterfly valves mean a butterfly valve controlled by an actuator. It can help you realize remote control and industrial automation easily. The advantage of the butterfly valve is that it is large in size and can match all kinds of pipelines. It can help you circulate, block or regulate flow.

Actuator types are available in electric actuator types and pneumatic actuator types.

Actuated Gate Valves & Actuated Knife Gate Valves

Gate valve and knife gate valve is a valve for transport or shut-off the flow rate. It only could fully open or fully close. Suitable for pulp.
Available in electric actuators and pneumatic actuators.



Here is a brief introduction of automatic valves for paper and pulp. If you have any demand for valves, feel free to consult us to get the best valve solution.