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In this case studio, we want to show some project we did before and hope you will like it.

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Project: Shipbuilding Fuel Supply Project

Products: 214 pcs RS485 Explosion-proof Electric Flanged Ball Valves

Basic on the client’s requirements, they need motorized valves for the shipbuilding fuel supply project. The most important thing is that they require RS485 Modbus and EAC certificate.

Thank customers and engineers for their support, we finished this project well.

Project: Food And Beverage

Products: Pneumatic flanged ball valve and electric flanged ball valve with bracket

Basic on the client’s requirements, they need a valve for high-temperature application which up to 250℃. So we made an actuator valve with the bracket to let the actuator far from the high-temp medium then keep the actuator safe. Thereby, to extend the lifespan of the actuator valve.

Project: Power Plant

Products: Normally Closed Electric V-port Ball Valve

Basic on the client’s requirements, they need valves that could return automated when power off. So we made a valve with a fail-safe actuator to meet the client’s requirements then keep their project safe

Project: Oil And Gas

Products: ANSI 2500LB Motorized Ball Valve

Basic on the client’s requirements, they need a high-pressure 2500LB motorized ball valve and require the lead time should within 60 days. And we finished it within 1 month.

Project: Shipbuilding

Products: Trunnion ball valve with pneumatic actuator

Basic on the client’s requirements, they need an ANSI 150LB trunnion ball valve with pneumatic actuator for shipbuilding. For ensuring this big guy could open/close fully. We prepare the high torque AW pneumatic actuator for it. And it does works!

Project: Wastewater Treatment

Products: Pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic triple-offset butterfly valve

Basic on the client’s requirements, they need a number of whole set pneumatic ball valves and pneumatic butterfly valves for wastewater treatment. Such as pneumatic UPVC ball valve, pneumatic flanged ball valve, pneumatic 3-way ball valve and pneumatic triple offset butterfly valve.

Project: Irrigation

Products: DN700 Motorized Butterfly Valve

We helped to custom a DN700 motorized butterfly valve in DI valve body with CF8 disc for the smart irrigation system. To let our client could control the valve remotely.

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