COVNA High-Pressure Ball Valve Series

COVNA High-Pressure Ball Valve is a quarter-turn valve suitable for transport, shut-off and regulating the flow rate. As it has a thickened valve body that can withstand high-pressure range up to 400 bar. Keep your project safe and run normally.
According to the flow direction type, the high-pressure ball valve could be customized into 2 port valve types and 3 port valve types (T port or L port) to fulfill your pipeline needs.

We provide high-pressure ball valves including electric high-pressure ball valve and pneumatic high-pressure ball valve for your options. Here we will have a brief introduction for those.

COVNA Electric High-pressure Ball Valves

High-pressure ball valves are generally used in industries with more dangerous working conditions, while electric actuators can receive or feedback signals and are compatible with various control systems to help you remotely control valves and realize industrial automation. Therefore, the use of electric actuators will greatly reduce the probability of personal injury and ensure the safety of employees.
Due to the large starting torque of the high-pressure ball valve, we will provide you with a suitable electric actuator according to the actual situation to ensure that the valve can be opened or closed normally.

COVNA Pneumatic High-Pressure Ball Valve

The gas is used as the power source to drive the valve to open or close. The advantages of pneumatic actuators include explosion protection, safety, and fast response time. Used with pneumatic components, it can receive and feedback signals to adjust the opening and closing angle of the valve and realize remote control.


● Atomizing machine
● Automated car wash equipment
● Automation industry