• - COVNA Rotary Actuator Series -

    Quarter turn 90 degrees rotary actuator and multi-turn 360 degrees rotary actuator to help your automatic easier

COVNA Quarter Turn Actuator Series

Supplying quarter-turn electric actuators and pneumatic actuators to meet your actuation needs

COVNA  Quarter Turn Electric Actuators

90 degrees rotary actuators. Receiving and feedback the signal to help to control remotely


Electric On Off Actuators


Electric Modulating Actuators


Electric Modulating Actuators

COVNA Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators

Rotary pneumatic valve actuators offer cost-effective actuation solution for your projects

covna single acting pneumatic actuator

Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

covna single acting pneumatic actuator

Spring Rtuen Pneumatic Actuators

COVNA Multi-Turn Actuator Series

360 degrees rotary actuators for gate valve and globe valve. Or some valve which requires high torque

COVNA  Multi-Turn Actuators

Multi-Turn Electric Actuators

Multi-Turn Pneumatic Actuators

Other COVNA Valve Actuators

Various actuator to meet your actuation needs

AW Series Pneumatic Actuators

For valves which require higher torque

Explosion-proof Electric Actuators

IP68 Underwater Electric Actuators

Auto Return Electric Actuators

Why COVNA Actuators?

COVNA is a valve and actuator company in China with 20+ years of experience. We had helped more than 2,000 companies with actuation solutions. 100% in-house design, manufacturing, and testing.

We hope our actuators and valves could help your project be more automated.

What we can do for you? 

● Selection guide and technical support for you

● Offering 3D drawing, datasheet and market info sharing

● 100% inspection before shipment and 1-year warranty of all products

Consult Us To Get The Valve Solution!

Enjoy our competitive price & your business grows.

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