COVNA Valve For Paper And Pulp

The paper and pulp industry is an extremely complex and diverse industry. The process includes wood preparation, pulp, chemical recycling, bleaching and papermaking. The paper and pulp process is a high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive and dangerous industry, so it is very important to choose the right valve to avoid loss of economic costs.

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Because paper and pulp processes require high-temperature cooking, bleaching and other processes, it will require a high-temperature valve, high-pressure valve, anti-corrosion valve and not easy blocking valve.

According to those requirements, we recommend gate valve, knife gate valve, butterfly valve and ball valve for your choice.


Knife Gate Valve

Because the pulp is sticky and easy to block pipelines and valves, a valve that is not easy to block is needed to ensure the normal operation of the project. The knife gate valve is a very suitable valve. The advantage of the knife gate valve is that it is not easy to be blocked, but also has the advantage of being able to withstand high temperatures.


Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Compared with other valves, the triple eccentric butterfly valve can save installation space and reduce installation and maintenance costs. Due to the large pipelines in the paper and pulp industry, and the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, the triple eccentric butterfly valve is very suitable for the application of this kind of pipeline.


COVNA Electric Actuator


COVNA Pneumatic Actuator

Electric Actuator & Pneumatic Actuator

Equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators to realize remote control, reduce the probability of personnel injury and reduce labor costs.

Electric Actuator

COVNA electric actuator has on/off and regulates function. Offering the quality realized service for your actuation solution.

Pneumatic Actuator

COVNA pneumatic actuator available in spring return type to keep your project safe and double acting type to help you control faster.

What’s more, we also offer ball valves, gate valves and other valves you need for your projects.

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