COVNA Valves & Actuators For Paper And Pulp

In 2022, the global pulp and paper production is expected to reach 490 million tons, with market size of USD 349.18 billion. Even under the influence of COVID-19, the market size is still growing steadily. More and more FMCG companies are willing to use paper packaging to replace plastic packaging. The paper industry is an industry that meets the needs of environmental protection. Its basic production process is beating, cooking, washing and screening, bleaching and alkali recovery. And the valve plays an important role in every machining process.

Therefore, there will be a high temperature working environment or a corrosive working environment in the pipeline of the paper industry. Then different processing processes have different requirements for pipelines. Therefore, for the selection of pipe materials, valve materials, or other industrial accessories, it is necessary to choose according to the requirements of the corresponding processing technology.

Valves play an important role in every process. It is used to transfer media, such as pulp, bleach, or production wastewater to various processing areas, thereby increasing the capacity of the entire system.

Below, we will introduce the valves that can be used in the paper and pulp industry for your reference, hoping to help you understand valves and choose valves. Any demand for valves, welcome to consult us at

In the beating process, we recommend ball and butterfly valves, their construction is ideal for pipelines that transport fluids with particles and fibers.

In the process of high-temperature cooking, if it is continuous cooking, it is necessary to control the pressure of the cooking tube, the throughput of ingredients and the liquid level value. In this regard, we recommend high-temperature resistant ball valves and butterfly valves that can withstand 180℃. If it is batch cooking, various materials need to be added to the large slurry tank in order and amount. We especially recommend the use of pneumatic control valves to receive feedback signals for precise adjustment of the input of each material.

In the process of washing and screening, it is necessary to remove impurities such as coarse slag and sediment in the coarse pulp. The knife gate valve, which is not prone to clogging, can effectively control parameters such as slurry concentration, slurry flow and slag discharge.

In the process of bleaching, in order to meet the whiteness requirements of the paper, various chemicals need to be added to the natural pulp (black pulp). We recommend corrosion-resistant ball valves and butterfly valves, which can withstand all kinds of strong alkalis and acids, so as to prevent the valves or pipes from being eroded and damaged, which will affect the progress of the project.

In order to ensure the stable production of the alkali recovery process and prolong the service life of the cleaning equipment, it is necessary to effectively and automatically control the concentration and flow of the separated black waste liquid (solid content of 10%). Therefore, we recommend a knife gate valve.

Ball Valve

The ball valve is a quarter-turn valve. Turn the handle 90 degrees to adjust the valve on/off. It can be customized into anti-corrosion type, high-temperature type, high-pressure type, etc. according to the needs of the project to ensure that your project can operate normally. We offer ball valves in manual type, electric type or pneumatic type to fulfill your actuation needs.

Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve is also a quarter-turn valve. Turn the handle 90 degrees to adjust the valve on/off. It can replace the material of parts, such as seals, valve plates, or valve body materials according to project requirements, to meet your project needs. We offer butterfly valves in manual type, electric type or pneumatic type to fulfill your needs.

Knife Gate Valve

Knife gate valve is not easy to block due to its special structure. It can be used to control the flow and blocking of media containing solids or impurities.
We offer knife gate valves in manual type, electric type or pneumatic type to meet your needs.

Above are the valve recommendations that can be used in the paper and pulp industry. Hope this helps you better understand valves and choose valves based on your project needs.