COVNA Valves For Anaerobic Tank

Anaerobic technology can convert organic wastewater into methane-rich biogas, which can be used as energy for production. Anaerobic technology allows wastewater to be fully treated and utilized. The valve can transport the wastewater to the anaerobic tank to improve production efficiency. In this article, we will introduce you to the valves that can be used in anaerobic tanks, hoping to help you understand and choose the right valve.

Ball Valve

Ball valve is a commonly used valve. The ball rotates 90 degrees with the valve stem to open or close the valve. Ball valves can be used in high-pressure industries, high-temperature industries, corrosive industries, general industries, etc. According to the connection method, ball valves can be divided into threaded ball valves, flanged ball valves, welded ball valves, clamped ball valves, etc. According to the material, the ball valve can be divided into stainless steel ball valve, plastic ball valve, carbon steel ball valve and so on. Choose from a variety of ball valve styles to perfectly match your piping needs.

The ball valve can be driven by electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, handle or gearbox to meet your on-site control or remote control purpose.

Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve. The valve plate rotates 90 degrees with the valve stem to open or close the valve. The advantages of butterfly valves include ease of installation, ease of manipulation, large size and compatibility with various types of pipelines. The material of the seals and valve plates of the butterfly valve can be changed according to the needs of the project, so that the butterfly valve and pipeline can operate better.

Likewise, butterfly valves can be used with electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, handles or gearbox.

Gate Valve

The gate valve is a linear operated valve. The gate moves straight up or down with the valve stem. Widely used in circulation or barrier media.


Knife Gate Valve

Knife gate valve is also a linear operated valve. It is suitable for controlling media containing impurities, such as sludge water, pulp, cement, etc.


In addition, there are check valves, globe valves, Y-strainers, etc. suitable for use in anaerobic tanks. If you have any needs for valves, please consult us for the best valve solution and cost budget.