COVNA Valves For Biosolids Treatment

Today, we are all in pursuit of providing an environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable ecological environment for humans and animals. Therefore, we will gradually pay attention to the industry of ecological environment treatment. And Biosolids solution is one of the environmental protection industries. We can process sludge to convert it into methane, fertilizers and other valuable products. Maximize its own value and protect the environment.
The valve is an automated industrial device, which can be used on various types of pipelines to help the pipeline transport the medium or adjust the flow of the medium more automated and easier. Below, we will introduce you to the valves that can be used with Biosolids solution. Hope to help you understand and choose the right valve.

Knife Gate Valves

The knife gate valve is a linear operation valve. The gate can only rise or fall straight to open or close the valve. The special valve structure of the knife gate valve makes it difficult to block, so the knife gate valve is very suitable for circulating or blocking media containing impurities, such as sludge. Using a knife gate valve can help you increase pipeline availability, reduce maintenance costs, and increase production capacity.
Available in manual knife gate valve, pneumatic knife gate valve and electric knife gate valve to fulfill your actuation needs.

Gate Valves

The gate valve is a linear operation valve. The working principle is the same as that of the knife gate valve. The gate valve moves up or down in a straight line to open or close the valve. A gate valve can only be fully opened or fully closed, so it helps you transfer or block media.

Similarly, the gate valve has manual control style, pneumatic control style and electric control style for you to choose. Help you achieve the purpose of remote control.


Ball Valves

A ball valve is a versatile valve. It has high-pressure models, high-temperature models, anti-corrosion models and other styles to match the needs of various pipelines. Secondly, it has 2-way style, 3-way style and 4-way style to meet your purpose of circulation, blocking, confluence and diversion. Furthermore, it has a variety of connection methods to match your pipeline connection needs, such as threads, flanges, clamps, etc.

Finally, the ball valve has manual ball valve, pneumatic ball valve and electric ball valve for you to choose to help you remotely control the valve and increase production capacity.

Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve. Its advantages are a wide range of sizes, compact design, easy operation and easy installation. The material of the parts of the butterfly valve can be replaced according to the needs of the project, such as seals, valve plates, etc. Secondly, the butterfly valve has various connection methods such as flange link, wafer link, lug link, etc., providing you with an easy-to-install solution.

Finally, butterfly valves can be used with both pneumatic and electric actuators. Both pneumatic and electric actuators can be connected to signals and are compatible with various control systems, so as to realize the purpose of remote control of valves.



Above, is an introduction to the valves that can be used with Biosolids solutions. If you have any needs for valves, you are welcome to consult us and get the best valve solutions.