COVNA Valves For Compressed Air Gas Dryer

I am very happy to introduce a project we recently received – the compressed air gas dryer project. A compressed air gas dryer is a special filtration system used to remove the inherent moisture in compressed air or gas. Removing water vapor from compressed air or gas to prevents condensation and prevents moisture interference, allowing industrial processes to run smoothly.
Below, we will briefly describe the valves that can be used in compressed air gas dryers. Hope this helps you understand and choose the right valve for your project.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve. Helps you transport, isolate, or regulate the fluid flow rate. The advantage is that it has a large size range, can be applied to all types of pipes, is compact in design and is easy to install. More importantly, the butterfly valve can replace the material of the parts according to your project requirements, such as disc, seals, valve body material, etc., to meet your project needs.

Can provide manual butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves and electric butterfly valves for your choice.

Ball Valves

Ball valve and butterfly valve belong to the quarter-turn valve series. It can help you to transport, isolate, regulate the fluid flow rate and change the direction of fluid flow. Its advantages lie in a wide range of applications, ease of operation and ease of installation. Provide 2-way ball valve, 3-way ball valve and 4-way ball valve for your choice.

Available in manual ball valves, pneumatic ball valves and electric ball valves for your projects.


Electromagnetic Valves

The advantages of the solenoid valve include compact design, saving installation space, fast response, time of open/close within 0.5 seconds, and 0 pressure start. Different styles of solenoid valves can be provided according to your working conditions, such as high-pressure, high-temperature, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other styles for you to choose from. We are also available in stainless steel, brass and plastic to meet your media requirements.

And here is a brief introduction of the valve for the compressed air dryer for your reference. Hope it could help you know and select a suitable valve. Welcome to consult us for cost-effective valve solutions.