COVNA Valves For Data Center

With the rapid growth of data center capacity requirements, the demand for cooling systems and computer room air handling systems used to protect data centers has also increased.

For Cooling Tower

COVNA provides actuators and valves to help to transport the chiller water from the cooling tower to the data center to help the data center cool down.

For Computer Room Air System

We help to provide the actuator and valve for the computer room air system. To transport the chiller water to help to regulate the environment temperature. Improving the efficiency of data center cooling applications and reduce commissioning costs.

COVNA is committed to providing safe and cost-effective solutions, and reliable valves, actuators for cooling system computer room air systems. To help to protect the data center to let it runs well.

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Butterfly Valve

COVNA butterfly valves are available in flange, wafer, lug, tri-clamp connection types to meet your valve needs.

Butterfly valves have a wide size range and they are suitable for large size pipelines.

What’s more, we provide high-performance butterfly valve for the application which requires low temperature.


Ball Valve

Ball valve is the best choice for shut-off, transport and regulates the flow rate of chilled water.

We provide ball valve in flange, thread, weld and tri-clamp connection type to meet your valve needs.

Floating ball valve and trunnion ball valve are available.


COVNA Electric Actuator


COVNA Pneumatic Actuator

Electric Actuator & Pneumatic Actuator

Equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators to realize remote control, reduce the probability of personnel injury and reduce labor costs.

Electric Actuator

The electric actuator could receive and feedback the signal to help you to control it remotely. Manual override is available.

Pneumatic Actuator

COVNA pneumatic actuator available in spring return type and double-acting type to meet your actuation needs. Safe and responsive.

We also offer all types of pneumatic accessories to help your automation easier.