COVNA Valves For Fertilizer Manufacturing

Fertilizer is a nutrient material for the growth of crops made by chemical methods. It can help crops grow and meet the growing demand for food. However, the production of fertilizers and other pesticides generates a certain amount of wastewater. Wastewater treatment is necessary for sustainable development and to meet environmental regulations.

With 20 years of experience in the valve industry, we have provided leading valve solutions for over 1,000 projects to meet the operational needs of various industries. We are committed to helping you increase project productivity, improve project and personnel safety, reduce operating costs, and achieve sustainable growth.

Below, we will recommend suitable valves for you according to the characteristics of the fertilizer production process. Hope to help you understand and choose the right valve.

Fluorine-Lined Ball Valve

Due to the production of chemical fertilizers, corrosive media will be produced. In order to protect the safety of pipes, valves and the overall project, we recommend the use of fluorine-lined ball valves. Lining fluorine is a high-performance material that can withstand strong acid and alkali. The valve body of the fluorine-lined ball valve adopts a metal outer valve body and a fluorine-lined inner valve body. At the same time, a fluorine-lined sphere is used, which can withstand corrosive media. The fluorine-lined valve body is lined with fluorine balls, which double guarantees the safety of the valve.

Electric actuator, pneumatic actuator or handle can be used to drive the fluorine-lined ball valve to open or close.

Fluorine-Lined Butterfly Valve

The fluorine-lined butterfly valve and the fluorine-lined ball valve belong to the same quarter-turn valve. It can circulate or cut off the medium. The fluorine-lined butterfly valve has thickened fluorine-lined seals and fluorine-lined butterfly plates, which can well improve the overall corrosion resistance of the valve, thereby protecting the safety of valves, pipelines and projects.

Electric actuators, pneumatic actuators or handles can be used to drive the fluorine-lined butterfly valve to open or close.

The above is the introduction of valves that can be used in fertilizer processing plants. If you have any needs for valves, please contact us to get the best valve solution and budget cost plan.