COVNA Valves For Food Skid-Mounted System

I am very happy to introduce the food skid-mounted system projects we have received to you. Due to the increase in population and the increase in demand for food, the food processing industry has also developed rapidly to meet the current high demand for food. Food processing systems are assembled from industrial accessories such as valves, pipes, motors, pumps, etc.

As a manufacturer of automatic valves with 20+ years of experience, COVNA has a wealth of valve knowledge and industry knowledge. Trust our experience to provide fluid control solutions with great value for money to you.

Below, we will give you a brief introduction to the valves that can be used in food skid-mounted systems. Any demand for valves and actuators, feel free to contact us at

Sanitary Ball Valve

COVNA’s sanitary ball valves have FDA certification, are safe and reliable, and can be used in the food processing industry with confidence. The inner and outer walls of the sanitary ball valve have been polished and disinfected. The tri-clamp connection method is adopted to help you connect pipes and valves more conveniently. At the same time, the advantage of the tri-clamp connection is that it is conducive to the transport of the medium and will not cause food accumulation.

COVNA can provide manual sanitary ball valves, electric sanitary ball valves or pneumatic sanitary ball valves to you. So that you can control the valve off-the-shelf or remotely.

Sanitary Butterfly Valve

COVNA sanitary butterfly valve also has FDA certification, which is safe and pollution-free. Widely used in food processing industry, suitable for flow control of milk, red wine, syrup and other media. Its advantages are compact design, space-saving installation and easy handling.

COVNA can provide manual sanitary butterfly valves, electric sanitary butterfly valves or pneumatic sanitary butterfly valves for your choice. Electric actuators and pneumatic actuators can help you achieve the purpose of remote control of valves and help you realize industrial automation.

Sanitary Solenoid Valve

If your installation space is relatively tight, we will recommend sanitary solenoid valves to you. The advantages of solenoid valves are compact design, fast response, easy installation, simple operation and low cost. Provide you with cost-effective fluid control solutions.

Above are the valves that can be used in food skid-mounted projects. Hope this helps you understand valves and choose the right valve for your project.