COVNA Valves For Food Sterilization System

I am very happy to share with you a recently received project – the Fishing project in Oman. The customer is mainly responsible for the construction of the food sterilization system. Therefore, the customer needs a batch of valves to control the flow rate and transport of the steam. According to the needs of customers, we provide customers with a series of high-temperature valves to help customers achieve the purpose of remote control and ensure personal safety.
Below, we will introduce you to the valves that can be used in food sterilization system. Hope to help you understand and choose a more suitable valve.

Control Valves

A control valve is a valve used to regulate flow and regulate pressure, which can adjust the flow inside the pipeline according to your project needs, thus making the project more productive and improving the safety of the project.
We can provide pneumatic control valve, electric control valve and self-pressure operated control valve to meet your needs., and help you control the flow more accurately.
In response to the customer’s project requirements, we customized a pneumatic control valve with a heat sink for the customer to avoid damage to the valve due to high temperature and ensure the normal operation of the valve and pipeline.


Globe Valves

A globe valve is a linear operation valve. The valve plate moves up or down in a straight line to open or close the valve. The globe valve could regulate the flow by adjusting the opening and closing angle of the valve.
Compared with the control valve, the regulating accuracy of the globe valve is relatively low. But it is also a cost-effective flow control valve.


Pressure Reducing Valves

The pressure reducing valve is a valve used to relieve the pressure of the pipeline to ensure the safety of the valve and the pipeline. If your pipeline pressure will be too high, we recommend you to purchase a suitable pressure reducing valve to improve the safety of the entire project through automatic pressure relief.

Check Valves

The check valve is a valve that prevents the backflow of the medium, which can effectively ensure the safety of the project.

Above, are the valves that can be used in food sterilization system. If you have any needs for valves, you are welcome to consult us at any time to obtain the best solution!