COVNA Valves For Industrial Fogging Systems

Fogging system is to achieve atomization of liquid, which can be used in fire fighting industry, dust-free treatment equipment, mosquito repellent fogging equipment and other automated industries and equipment. Valves assist in the transfer of liquids to the fogging system and increase productivity. The process of atomizing liquids requires high pressure, so we would recommend the use of high-pressure valves for atomization systems.
In this article, we will introduce you to the COVNA high-pressure valve series, which we hope will help to understand and select the right valve.

High-pressure Ball Valves

The body thickness of the high-pressure ball valve is 2 times thicker than that of a normal ball valve. When subjected to the impact of high-pressure media, it can still maintain stability and normal operation. The thicker body keeps it from blowing up, thus ensuring the proper operation of the project. The high-pressure ball valve can withstand pressures up to 400 bar, so it will be your valve of choice.
The high-pressure ball valve can be driven by electric or pneumatic actuators, thus enabling remote control of the valve.

High-pressure Butterfly Valves

High-pressure butterfly valves are generally referred to as triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valves. It can withstand pressures of up to 40 bar. The size range is up to 16″, which makes up for the lack of ball valves (the maximum size of high-pressure ball valves is only 2″). The high-pressure butterfly valve is available with a choice of clamped and flanged connections.
Likewise, the high-pressure butterfly valve can be driven by electric actuator or pneumatic actuator.

Above is the introduction of high-pressure valves that can be used in atomization systems. If you have any need for valves, welcome to consult us for the best valve solution and budget cost.