COVNA Valves For Microelectronics Manufacturing

In order to make microelectronics manufacturing more smoothly, we need to clean the chip, the purpose is to remove particles, metal impurities or organic contamination. This usually requires an integrated water treatment system to filter and purify the washed wastewater, allowing the water to be reused and protecting the environment.

A valve is an industrial device that can be used for media flow control. It is therefore ideal for integrating water treatment systems, as well as for industrial automation and increased productivity.

Below, we will introduce the valves that can be used in the water skid-mounted system for your reference. Hope to help you understand and choose the right valve.

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a valve commonly used in integrated water systems. It has UPVC, stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel and other materials for you to choose from to meet your various media needs and provide you with flexible fluid control solutions. Secondly, we can replace the material of some parts according to your project needs to match your system requirements, such as seals, valve plates, etc.

We can provide pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve and manual butterfly valve for your choice, which is convenient for you to control the valve remotely or on-site.

Wastewater Treatment

Ball Valves

Ball valve is a valve with a wide range of applications, suitable for the regulation of various media. We can provide you with threaded, flanged, clamp and other connection methods according to your pipeline connection needs. If you need to change the direction of fluid flow, we can provide you with a three-way ball valve or a four-way ball valve. The application of ball valve is very wide, welcome your consultation to get more information about ball valve.

Available in electric operated type and pneumatic operated type to fulfill your actuation needs.


Due to the cleaning process of the chip, there will be impurities such as particles. Therefore, we recommend installing a Y-type strainer in the system to help you filter out impurities in the medium and make the system run more smoothly.


A flow meter is an industrial device that can help measure pipeline pressure and help you with subsequent pipeline pressure regulation.

The above is the introduction of valves that can be used in water skid-mounted systems. If you have any needs for actuators or valves, please contact us to get the best valve solution and budget plan.