COVNA Valves For Mining

COVNA is committed to offering valves for the mining industry for flow control of slurry, wastewater, gas, and other mediums. Our mission is to offer the best valve solution for mining to helping them increase productivity and reduce downtime risk.

COVNA will keep design, R&D, and manufacture the valve to help your project runs well.

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Knife Gate Valve

COVNA manufactures knife gate valve in manually operated, pneumatically operated and electrically operated for your mining applications.

Knife gate valve suitable for slurry, wastewater, and other media with impurities.

Durable, not easy to block, and long lifespan.


Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Due to the high-temperature and high-pressure medium in mining applications, we recommend this high-performance triple offset butterfly valve for your project. It can withstand up to 400℃ temperature and 40 bar pressure.


Ball Valve

COVNA offers ball valves in trunnion ball valve type and floating ball valve type to meet your requirements.  To help you to start, stop, separate and control the flow rate.

Available in manual operated type, pneumatic operated type and electric operated type.


COVNA Electric Actuator


COVNA Pneumatic Actuator

Electric Actuator & Pneumatic Actuator

Equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators to realize remote control, reduce the probability of personnel injury and reduce labor costs.

Quality equal US/European brands but cost less

Electric Actuator

COVNA electric actuator has on/off and regulates function. Offering the quality realized service for your actuation solution.

Pneumatic Actuator

COVNA pneumatic actuator available in spring return type to keep your project safe and double-acting type to help you control faster.

What’s more, we also offer globe valves, gate valves, control valves and other valves you need for your projects.

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