COVNA Valves For Oil And Gas

In this article, we will have a brief introduction about how to select the valve for oil and gas industry. Hope this could help you to understand and choose the right valve for your project.
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1. Valves For On-Off Medium

A lot of valves have functions of transport and shut-off. Generally, ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and plug valves are commonly used. It is recommended to select suitable on-off valves according to the requirements of the project.

2. Valves For Flow Control

The globe valve and the control valve are very suitable for controlling the flow rate, and the regulating precision is high. The control valve could receive and feedback the control signal through the positioner to achieve control remotely.

3. Valves For Diverting, Mixing And Change The Direction

The 3-way ball valve has two structures, T-type and L-type, which can achieve the functions of diverting, mixing and changing the direction of medium flow. In special circumstances, the correct connection of two or more 2-way valves could also help to reverse, diverge or confluence.

Offering electric 3-way ball valve and pneumatic 3-way ball valve for your selection.

4. Valves For Suspended Particulate Media

The medium containing suspended particles is easy to block the valve, so it is recommended to use gate valve, knife gate valve or butterfly valve. They have a wiping effect on the sealing surface during the opening and closing process, so they are not easy to be blocked and are suitable for media with suspended particles.

5. Valves For Dangerous Working Conditions

We would recommend explosion-proof electric actuated valves for the application which is dangerous.
The explosion-proof electric actuator valve could control remotely, therefore reduce the labor cost and keep the person safe.

Each valve has its own special function, so it is very important to choose the right valve according to the requirements.