COVNA Valves For Power Plant Station

I am very happy to introduce to you one of our recently completed projects – the National Power Plant Project. Customers need to buy a batch of butterfly valves to regulate the flow of seawater. Because it is a power station project, the requirements for the valve are very high, and the safety of the valve and the safety of the project must be guaranteed. Therefore, COVNA also attaches great importance to this project. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our engineer team communicates with the customer and understands the project as soon as possible, and provides the customer with the best quality and most suitable valve solution according to the actual situation of the project.

In this article, we will briefly introduce the valves that can be used in power plants. Hope to help you understand and choose the right valve for your project.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve. It is a valve suitable for transport, isolation or regulating flow. Butterfly valves can be used to control the flow of water, gas, steam and other media. Butterfly valves are large in size range, up to 72 inches, and are widely used in various types of pipelines.
We can provide manual butterfly valves, electric butterfly valves and pneumatic butterfly valves, etc. The electric actuator can receive or feedback signals, and control the opening or closing of the valve through the control system to achieve industrial automation. Pneumatic actuators need to be equipped with positioners to achieve industrial automation. Its advantages are low cost and fast response.

Safety Valve

Safety valves belong to the category of automatic valves. When the medium pressure in the equipment or pipeline rises above the specified value, the safety valve will discharge the medium to the outside of the system to prevent the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment from exceeding the specified value. Mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and pipelines, the control pressure does not exceed the specified value, and plays an important role in protecting personal safety and equipment operation.

The above is the introduction of valves commonly used in power stations. If you have any needs for valves, please contact us to get the most suitable solution and the best quotation.