What Is Skid-Mounted System?

Skid mounted equipment is a common and popular industrial equipment/system. It saves lead time, gets your project off the ground as quickly as possible, and reduces on-site installation time and costs. To provide you with turn-key solutions. Skid mounted equipment can be used in the processing and production of water, gasoline, diesel, food and beverages, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of your project.

Skid mounted equipment consists of valves, actuators, pipes, pumps, meters, gearboxes and other industrial parts.

COVNA is 20+ years of experience specialist of valves and actuators for skid mounted equipment. Over the years, in order to meet the needs of various types of skid mounted equipments for valves, we continue to develop and provide different types of valves and actuators. Provide you with flexible and reliable skid mounted equipment valve solutions.

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Source: hillwater.com

Process Skids

Designed for specific industrial processes such as chemical reactions, filtration, distillation, or separation

Power Generation Skids

Used for power generation applications, including diesel or gas generators, gas turbine packages

Water Treatment Skids

Used for water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis, filtration, disinfection, or desalination

Pump Skids

Provide pumping solutions for various applications

Modular Skids

Used for modular process plants, modular data centers, or modular buildings

Why Skid-Mounted System Needs Valves?

  • Flow Control

    Valves are used to control the flow of fluids or gases within the skid-mounted system. This helps in maintaining optimal process conditions and ensuring efficient operation of the system

  • Process Safety

    Valves play a crucial role in maintaining process safety within skid-mounted systems. They can isolate or divert the flow in case of emergencies or abnormal conditions, preventing potential hazards or damage to the equipment or personnel

  • System Maintenance

    They can be used to isolate specific components or sections of the system, allowing for repairs, replacements, or inspections without interrupting the overall operation of the system

  • Process Optimization

    By adjusting the flow rates, pressure, or other process parameters, valves can help achieve desired process conditions, improve efficiency, and enhance product quality

  • Instrumentation and Control

    They can be actuated or controlled remotely to maintain precise process conditions, respond to signals from sensors or instruments, or synchronize with other components of the system

Featured Actuators And Valves For Skid-Mounted System

covna electric automatic actuators

COVNA Electric Actuators:

Has excellent capability of regulating valve on/off

Accepts DC or AC power supply

It could receive and feedback the 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, or 1-5VDC signal control to help you achieve the effect of remote control. Compatible with control systems such as PLC

Signal control, Modbus support, Bluetooth control, manual override are available

Can be customized into explosion-proof type, waterproof type, fail-open type, fail-closed type, modulating type and other types

Actuators can be sold alone or sold with ball/butterfly valves

COVNA Pneumatic Actuators:

Double-acting or single-acting versions(fail-open or fail-close type) are available.

Using 2.5bar to 8bar air source

By using pneumatic components, signals can be received and fed back. Compatible with control systems such as PLC

Fast opening/closing time within 1 to 2 seconds

Service life up to 1 million times

Actuators can be sold alone or sold with ball/butterfly valves


COVNA Ball Valves:

Help you realize medium on-off, confluence or confluence

Sizes range from 3/8″ to 12″ to meet your skid mounted equipment piping needs

Materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, PTFE, etc. to meet your various media needs

There are thread, welding, flange, clamp, etc. for you to choose from.

Customized services are available according to your design, providing you with a flexible and economical solution

Ball valves can be sold alone or sold with pneumatic/electric actuators

COVNA Butterfly Valves:

Helps you achieve media flow transport, shut-off or regulating

Sizes range from 2″ to 24″, larger sizes require customization

Materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, plastic, PTFE, etc.

The connection methods include clips, flanges, clamps, etc. to meet the piping needs of your equipment

Compact design to help you save the installation space

Offering a cost-effective solution for your projects

Actuators can be sold alone or sold with ball/butterfly valves

Above are the valves and actuators we supply for skid mounted equipment. If you are a skid mounted equipment designer/engineer/assembler, please consult us for the latest valve quotation. Hope our valves and actuators offer you fluid solutions with great value for money.

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